Nespresso® Cleaning Capsules CAFFENU 5x 3g Detergent Capsules

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Nespresso® Cleaning Capsules CAFFENU 5x 3g Detergent Capsules

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Nespresso® Cleaning Capsules CAFFÉ NU 5x 3g Detergent Capsules

Only a clean machine makes the perfect coffee.

Each time you use your Nespresso® machine coffee oils are deposited throughout the bewing chamber and spout. Over time these oils accumulate into a stale residue creating a negative taste.

Clean your Nespresso® coffee machine by simply inserting the cleaning capsule just like a coffee capsule. At the press of a button, the capsule releases a unique foaming action into the brewing chamber that helps to remove the residue. The ingredient inside the cleaning capsule is made from biodegradable and organic materials, making your Nespresso® coffee machine as good as NU and your coffee taste fresher than ever.



- Enhances the flavour and aroma of your coffee by cleaning the brewing chamber.

- Powerful, hygienic cleaning, even in inaccessible areas - the touch of a button.

- Made from biodegradable and organic materials.



- Caffenu recommend to clean your machine every 30 coffees.

- Clean at least once per month.

- Rince fresh water through the machine after each cleaning cycle.



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