MOKITO INTENSO - Nespresso Compatible Capsules - 120x pack

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MOKITO INTENSO - Nespresso Compatible Capsules - 120x pack

Enjoy the taste of real Italian Espresso from your Nespresso®* machine.


Intense and creamy.

Strong, balanced, and delicious - Intenso by MOKITO is a high quality coffee blend developed specifically for your Nespresso®* machine.

Intenso takes its distinctive body and intensity from a blend of coffees expertly roasted and blended in Italy to deliver an authentic Italian espresso experience from your Nespresso®* machine.

Rich and persistent body with a strong and delicate crema deliver tasty and full-bodied espresso - an aftertaste featuring notes of chocolate and nuts leaves a lasting impression - you know you have had a great cup of espresso.

Our favourite Nespresso®* compatible capsule.

Developed and produced in Italy.

One of our best sellers - try it - we are sure you will be impressed.


What makes this so good

There are some subtle differences between Nespresso and proper espresso coffee. 

*Nespresso® uses only 5.5 grams of coffee per espresso whereas proper espresso uses 7-9 grams of ground coffee - coffee blends produced for *Nespresso® need to be stronger and able to eploit more of the ground coffee to deliver that authentic espresso experience.

Proper espresso is made using freshly ground coffee to maximise freshness and flavour - coffee loses flavour over time - even faster once it has been ground. *Nespresso® capsules are filled with ground coffee and then may not be used for weeks, months, or years - coffee blends produced for *Nespresso® need to have suffcient flavour and body to produce espresso weeks, months, or years after the coffee has been ground.

This is the skill, quality, and craftsmanship required to be able to produce a great quality  *Nespresso® capsule. *Nespresso® do a great job of producing coffee blends for the *Nespresso® system.  


Where most *Nespresso® compatible capsules fall short is that they use a coffee blend designed for proper espresso (7-9 grams of coffee freshly ground) resulting in a weak and underwhelming result - there is not enough ground coffee to produce a good crema and the blend is designed for fresh consumption. Often the crema may be flat and lacking body - you may need two capsules for a descent coffee.


This is where MOKITO is excellent. MOKITO have taken great care to develop the Intenso blend to deliver that authentic espresso experience from your *Nespresso® machine. The Intenso blend has been expertly crafted to deliver an intense and full bodied espresso using the standard *Nespresso® 5.5 grams of coffee. State of the art packaging equipment is used to create individually sealed *Nespresso® compatible capsules that maximise flavour. 


Taste and Suitability

- Intensity 4.5/5

- Aroma 3/5

- Body 5/5



The story of Mokito Milano begins in 1931, when Daniele De Bei founded ICAM (Import of Arabic Mokito Coffee). Deeply rooted in Milan, Mokito has always been a reference for Northern Italy. In the 1940s espresso coffee machines started to become common on the counters of Italian bars, restaurants, and cafes. Since then, Mokito’s goal has been to provide the best blends of high-quality coffee for Italian style espresso.

MOKITO believes in quality espresso - this quality comes from high standards, tireless work, and an innovative use of technology - combined with over seventy years of coffee rosting tradition and four generations of master roasters. 

MOKITO continues to be based in MILAN Italy - roasting and blending high quality coffee blends in the Italian style. 



- Contents: 12x packs containing 10x individually sealed Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules (120x capsules total)

- Dimensions: 150mm [w] x 120mm [d] x 160mm [h]

- Net Weight: 120x 5.5g 

- Made in Italy


*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.