La Marzocco Group Head Tune-up Kit 7.1mm

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La Marzocco Group Head Tune-up Kit 7.1mm

Keep your Marzocco brew group in tip-top condition with regular maintenance.

This kit contains everything you need to give your machine some love...


Use this kit if your brew group bayonet or filter-holders are quite worn. Or if your old group head gasket contains the marking 7.1, otherwise use the 6.1mm kit.


Whats included:

1x Group-Head Gasket Seal 72x55x7.1/9 mm MARZOCCO - 1186761

1x Shower Screen 57.5mm MARZOCCO - 1081023

1x Shower Screw MARZOCCO M6 Stainless Steel - 1528021

1x Group-Head Gasket Seal Shim Spacer 73X59X0.8mm Paper - 1190001


How to fit:

- Remove the screw, shower screen, and old filter seal (discard all)

- Clean the group, remove any stale coffee oil and pieces of group gasket.

- Install the new gasket/seal with the tapered (shaped) side facing down to the cups and the flatter side with numbers facing up into the brewing group.

- Install the new shower screen and screw it into place using the new retaining screw.

- Test the filter-holder for fit, you want the handles to engage firmly slightly to the left of centre (190-200 degrees).

- If the handles engage to the centre or to the right then remove all parts and re-install with the spacer.

- If the handles are difficult to engage or engage firmly around 225 degrees then we recommend using the 6.1mm kit with a thinner seal.

- If you need to install the paper spacer then place this on the upper side (the flat side with 7.1 written on it) of the seal and insert into the machine so the spacer sits between the brewing group and the gasket/seal. Install the shower and screw as normal.

- Re-test the filter-holder for a correct fit.