LELIT PL42EMI-NZ Anita Single Boiler 250 mL Vibration Pump Tank Espresso Coffee Machine with built-in Burr Grinder

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
Stainless Steel
Coffee Brewing System:
3-Way Electric Solenoid
Heating System:
Single Boiler
Coffee Basket Size:
Coffee Dosing:
Tank Water Supply
Built-in Coffee Grinder
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LELIT PL42EMI-NZ Anita Single Boiler 250 mL Vibration Pump Tank Espresso Coffee Machine with built-in Burr Grinder

All in one, without compromise...

Create luscious lattes, creamy cappuccinos, and other café-style drinks to impress your guests with the PL42 Anita espresso coffee machine from LELIT.  Making cafe quality coffee requires freshly ground coffee, a machine that can produce really great espresso, and sufficient steam pressure to produce nice textrure micro-foam steamed milk. Lelit PL042 Anita delivers all these features in an attractive and well built home espresso machine.

Featuring an excellent steam arm, quality 57 mm brewing group, and a proper brass boiler - this espresso machine delivers by producing consistently great shots of espresso and steaming nice rich micro-foam milk.

LELIT PL042 Anita combines all the features of the Lelit PL41 Anna single boiler espresso machine plus the Lelit PL043 Fred coffee grinder into one single unit. If you are looking for a great quality single boiler espresso machine and a quality coffee grinder in one compact unit - then the LELIT PL42 is ideal. This machine delivers cafe quality espresso and nice fine steamed milk - perfect for creating all your favourite specialty coffees.


At a Glance

Cafe quality espresso coffee brewing

PL42 produces really great espresso thanks to the use of commercial style components, excellent thermal stability, and proper un-pressurised baskets just like you would find on a commercial coffee machine. Both the brewing group and coffee filter-holder are manufactured from chromed brass to maximise heat retention and thermal stability - the proper brass boiler is mounted directly above the brewing group which contributes to the temperature stability required for making great espresso. This thermal stability is what ensures your espresso is extracted at just the right temperature to maximise flavour and consistency.

Powerful steam... with fine micro-foam

A proper 300 mL brass boiler combined with 1000 w heating power produces powerful dry steam. Excellent steam power combined with a single steam hole tip tuned to the 250 mL boiler size makes it possible to achieve a nice fine micro-foam for all your favourite specialty coffees.

Fast to heat

PL42 heats from cold to ready for making coffee in less than 5 minutes. In fact, the boiler will come up to temperature in 2 minutes, but you have to wait for the filter-holder to be nice and hot to ensure you make really great espresso. Heating from coffee mode into steam mode takes less than 90 seconds.

Grind fresh coffee for every cup

Improve your coffee making experience by using the freshest ground coffee for each cup - LELIT Anita features a quality built-in coffee grinder allowing you to grind fresh coffee for each espresso. LELIT Anita features the same quality grinding unit as the LELIT Fred PL043 coffee grinder. Featuring step-less adjustment, quality conical burrs, and doser-less design - the grinder allows you to refine you grind setting and then grind only the exact amount of coffee needed for for each cup. Fresh is best!

Compact elegant design

This coffee machine won't take up your whole kitchen, with a nice compact footprint it delivers great results while being easy to find space for. Smart clean lines, highly polished bodywork, and a brilliant quality of fit and finish; this is one appliance you will be proud to have on display in your kitchen.

Awesome build quality

LELIT espresso machines are renowned for their high quality of fit and finish. Where other manufacturers save money using steel and plastic, LELIT uses brass and stainless steel. You only have to see a LELIT machine to realise the quality of componentry, attention to detail, and superior quality finish. 

Built by people who are passionate about espresso

Hand assembled in Brescia, Italy; LELIT espresso coffee machines are built with passion, in the true Italian style. Unlike many of the traditional coffee machine manufacturers, LELIT are a young and innovative company with a huge focus on advancing the home espresso coffee machine market by delivering innovative products. It is these new product innovations, combined with quality components and a relentless focus on design that make LELIT espresso machines some of the very best available in the market.



- Home espresso coffee making


Quality cafe style espresso

Excellent thermal stability

The brew boiler is located directly over the brewing group to maximise temperature stability and ensure water travels the shortest path from boiler to your cup while remaining at the right temperature. Brewing group and boiler are constructed from brass to maximise temperature stability and keep your delicious espresso at the correct temperature.

Chromed brass 57 mm filter-holder

A proper filter-holder constructed from chromed brass helps to maintain a nice stable brew temperature for perfect professional quality espresso. Heavy duty 57 mm chromed brass filter-holder allows you to extract espresso just like the professionals. LELIT Anita filter-holder has a double outlet and includes a range of coffee filter baskets to suit your requirements.

Brew extraction pressure gauge

A real asset when searching for the ultimate extraction, the brew extraction pressure gauge tells you under what pressure your espresso is being extracted. If the pressure is too high you can adjust your coffee grind to be more coarse; if the pressure is too low, you can adjust to a finer grind.

Adjustable brew temperature

Want your espresso extracted at a slightly higher or lower temperature? No problem... You can adjust the brew temperature above or below the standard 90 degrees to suit your taste and coffee variety. This is particularly useful if you want to experiment with single origin or other specialty coffees.

3-Way brewing control valve

3-Way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that not only directs the flow of water from the boiler to the brew group, but also relieves the water pressure off the ground coffee once brewing is complete. The valve relieves brewing pressure from the filter-holder allowing you to remove the filter-holder immediately after brewing is complete - ready to make another espresso.

Powerful 15 bar ULKA vibration pump

Industry standard 15 bar ULKA vibration pump delivers pressurised water to the brewing system.

Factory calibrated Over-Pressure Valve

Factory calibrated Over Pressure Valve ensures the optimum extraction pressure is achieved for a smooth creamy espresso. Over-pressure valve regulates the pump pressure by returning excess pressure back to the water tank. Over-pressure valves help to prevent over-extraction of your espresso.

Manual Pre-Infusion

While the PL42 doesn't have any programmed pre-infusion control. You can pre-infuse the coffee by activating the pump switch for 1-2 seconds, then letting the coffee rest for a few seconds, before beginning to extract your espresso. This process delivers a small amount of water into the coffee before the full extraction pressure is applied. This pre-infusion creates are more even distribution of the ground coffee to improve espresso flow.

2-Cup and 1-Cup commercial style filter baskets

Included are 2-Cup and 1-Cup filter baskets for making espresso in the commercial style where you grind coffee freshly for each cup. This achieves the best quality espresso where the grind consistency, dose, and compression are optimised for perfect espresso.

ESE POD 1-Cup filter basket

You can make coffee using ESE coffee pods with the included special ESE POD filter basket.



Steam milk like the professionals

Powerful dry steam

Solid brass boiler delivers a nice powerful supply of steam. LELIT Anita has the capacity to steam nice velvety milk for around 4 cups before you should refill the boiler. The brass boiler construction combined with a 1000 w heating element maintains a powerful steam supply from start to finish. This is what sets this machine apart from cheaper and entry-level single boiler coffee machines.

Fast heat time

1000 w heating power and a relatively small 250 mL boiler size means this machine can deliver steam in less than 90 seconds. Once steam mode is engaged the boiler temperature ramps up to over 125 degrees. When steam is ready the blue temperature light illuminates; now the steam valve can be opened, and you can steam your milk.

Single hole steam tip for fine micro-foam

LELIT Anita includes a single hole steam tip designed to deliver a nice fine stream of superheated steam. Single hole steam tips are the best for small domestic espresso machines delivering a single strong high-pressure jet of steam to assist with creating that desired micro-foam.

Commercial-style steam arm with ball-joint for control

Ball-joint steam arm connection gives you three axis of movement making it easy to position your steam arm just how you want it for maximum control of your milk steaming.

Soft-close professional style steam valve

Teflon steam gasket provides an easy to operate and reliable steam seal.


Freshly ground coffee for every cup

Doser-less grinder for freshly ground coffee

Doser-less grinders are where the coffee world is heading. Doser-less design allows you to "grind on demand" just enought coffee for each cup - there is no doser where coffee can go stale. Grinding is controlled by pressing the filter-holder against the switch located below the coffee chute -  when sufficient coffee has been ground simply remove the  filter-holder to stop grinding.

38mm hardened steel burrs

PL043 features 38mm hardened steel conical grinding burrs designed specifically for fine espresso grind. 

Stepless adjustment for precise control

Stepless grind adjustment allows for an infinite number of settings for very precise control over the coffee grind. Grind setting is adjusted by rotating the dial on the side of the machine which raises and lowers the upper grinding burr. Each turn of the adjustment dial represents a very small grind adjustment.



Great functionality and ease of use

87 mm cup clearance for latte glasses

87 mm clearance between the drip tray and the centre of the filter-holder allows you to use two latte glasses at once. The distance between the drip tray and filter-holder outlet is 80 mm. Suitable for use with 220/250 mL Duralex cafe latte glasses, 8oz takeaway cups, or 227 mL regular size KeepCup.

Water level indicator

View the water level quickly and easily. Left-hand side of the machine has a cut-out allowing you to view the water level in the water tank.

Metal toggle switches for ease of use

Two front mounted metal toggle switches provide easy control of the machine function. One switch operates the pump, while the other has three positions for coffee, hot-water, and steam functions. The metal toggle switches are solid and reliable giving a nice positive feel. The on-off button is mounted on the rear of the machine.

Wide cup warmer

A large cup-warming surface located on the top of the machine holds up to 6 espresso cups or 2 latte/cappuccino cups and keeps them warm.

Large drip tray slides out for easy clean-up

The large drip tray can accommodate a generous amount of spent coffee water and slides out for easy cleaning.

Generous 2.7 L water tank

2.7 L water tank is enough for a large number of coffees, so you won't be filling it up every day. 


Stylish design with quality construction

Polished stainless-steel exterior

Polished stainless-steel construction for an attractive, durable, and long-lasting machine. 

High quality metal components

Switches, lids, and drip tray grill all manufactured from metal for durable and attractive finish. 

Superior finish

Rolled metal edges, high grade stainless steel, and a superior level of fit and finish.



LELIT is based in Brescia approximately 90 km East of Milan in the industrial heart of northern Italy. A family owned and operated business LELIT designs, develops, and produces traditional manual espresso coffee machines for the household and professional market. While certainly not the oldest name in espresso; LELIT is one of the most innovate names in the espresso machine industry owing to its strong technical tradition and advanced research and development facility. 

LELIT products are driven by 6 key guiding principles:

- No frills, everything we produce must be functional.

- Great attention to the internal dynamics, functional excellence.

- Careless of trends and frames of mind, our goal is to produce something that will last in time.

- We transfer our experience from the commercial machines to the domestic appliances.

- Handmade laboratory. We like to get our hands on things.

- Italian heart, European spirit.

LELIT is certainly one of the most innovative espresso machine manufacturers - LELIT designs much of its own componentry including switches, gauges, steam arms, and filter-holders - all with a relentless focus on functionality and improving the quality of coffee in the cup. All LELIT products are thoughtfully designed, with excellent quality materials, to be both highly functional and long lasting. 


What's in the Box

1x LELIT PL42EMI-NZ Anita Single Boiler 250 mL Vibration Pump Tank Espresso Coffee Machine with Grinder
1x 57 mm chromed brass double filter-holder
1x Double filter basket
1x Single filter basket
1x Pod filter basket
1x Plastic tamper
1x Plastic coffee scoop
1x User manual



Brewing System

57 mm brewing group constructed from chromed brass. 57 mm chromed brass filter-holder. Saturated brew group design with the brass boiler located directly above the filter-holder.


250 mL brass boiler with 1000 w heating element.

Boiler level control



Manual pre-infusion control.

Brewing controlled by

Manual. Lever toggle switch. 3-way brew solenoid.


57 mm chromed brass double filter-holder with 2 outlets. 2-Cup and 1-Cup standard coffee filter baskets. ESE POD single service pod filter basket.

Pressure gauge

Pump extraction brew pressure gauge.

Steam and water valves

Rotary steam valve with soft-close PTFE Teflon seal.

Steam wand

Ball joint connection and single steam hole. 


15 Bar ULKA vibration pump.


Boiler over-temperature cut-out thermostat (resettable).

Boiler temperature control


Grinding burrs

38mm hardened steel conical grinding burrs

Grinder motor

150 w

Grind adjustment

Stepless adjustment

Coffee Bean hopper


Dosing style


Power requirements

1200 w - 220-240 V

Water supply

2.7 L water tank removable.

Exterior Colour / Finish

Stainless Steel - Polished


320 mm [width] x 265 mm (360 with filter-holder) x 370 mm [height]. 


10.2 kg. 

Heating time from cold

~ 5 minutes.

Heating time from coffee to steam

~ 90 seconds.

Made in



LELIT PL42EMI-NZ Anita Single Boiler 250 mL Vibration Pump Tank with Grinder [PL42EMI-NZ].

Additional Features



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Short description

Quality home espresso coffee with freshly ground beans. Enjoy quality espresso, delicious cafe latte, and creamy cappuccino from the Lelit PL42 home espresso machine.

Lelit PL42 incorporates the brewing system of the awesome PL41 espresso coffee machine with the PL43 coffee grinder into one compact and attractive unit.

Saturated brew group delivers optimal temperature stability for great quality espresso - chromed brass brewing group and filter-holder is mounted directly below the 250 mL brass boiler.

Powerful steam - brass boiler - 1000 w.

3-way brew control valve - relieves pressure from the filter-holder allowing quick brewing of multiple espresso shots.

Commercial style steam arm - single hole steam tip - super-fine steam for micro-foam milk textrure.

Freshly ground coffee for every cup - quality 38mm conical burr coffee grinder - stepless adjustment.

Durable stainless exterior - polished stainless exterior + metal switchgear - attractive, durable, and long lasting machine.

Very compact design.




- 57 mm Chromed-brass brewing group

- 1x Chromed-brass 57 mm double filter-holder

- 3x Coffee filter baskets (2-Cup, 1-Cup, ESE Pod)

- Rotary steam valve with soft-close Teflon PTFE seal

- Commercial style steam arm - single hole steam time + ball-joint connection for three axis of movement

- Boiler: 250 mL brass boiler with 1000 w heating element

- Pump pressure gauge

- Water supply: 2.7 L tank removable

- 15 Bar ULKA vibration pump

- Conical burr doser-less coffee grinder - 38mm burrs - 150w

- Dimensions: 320 mm [w] x 265 mm (360 with filter-holder) [d] x 370 mm [h]

- Weight: 10.2 kg

- Heating time from cold: ~ 5 minutes

- Heating time from coffee to steam: ~ 90 seconds

- Stainless Steel - Polished

- Power: 1200 w - 230 V

- 12-month warranty

- Made in Italy



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