LA PAVONI PROFESSIONAL LUSSO Lever 1.6L Espresso Coffee Machine - PLH - WOOD Handles

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
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LA PAVONI PROFESSIONAL LUSSO Lever 1.6L Espresso Coffee Machine - PLH - WOOD Handles


The original home espresso machine... Pavoni Europiccola...

Since 1961 people have enjoyed the quality, reliability, and performance of the Europiccola Professional. Possibly the most famous espresso machine ever made, the Europiccola continues to be enjoyed by thousands of users worldwide. Over the years, the design has been improved and refined, but todays units are remarkably similar to the original 1960's design owing to the excellence if that original design. If you are serious about making good espresso-based coffee, this is the machine to get.



At a Glance

Lever extraction

Enjoy the rewarding control, simplicity, and reliability of lever extraction. Lever extraction offers absolute control over how you make your coffee, enabling you to 'feel' how the coffee is extracted. Enjoyed by espresso fans worldwide a LA PAVONI lever espresso machine provides a rewarding 'hands on' coffee making experience.

Amazing espresso

With a bit of practice and good quality coffee beans you can produce amazing espresso with this little machine. The lever extraction system, pre-infusion, thermal design and level of control combine to enable you to produce amazing amounts of tasty crema.... A truly rewarding experience.

Simple and reliable

No pump or complicated electronics - these machines are super reliable; parts are readily available, and they are very straight forward to maintain. Hand assembled in Milan, Italy using quality components like chrome and brass, the Europiccola is truly a work of art that is built to last. In a world full of disposable appliances, LA PAVONI holds on to the traditions of buying a quality appliance and enjoying it for many years.

Steam milk instantly

No waiting around, the 1.6 L boiler is always ready to deliver steam so you can steam milk for your favourite caffe latte, flat white, cappuccino or other milk-based coffee drinks.

Looks fantastic in your kitchen

This is one of the most beautiful things you could possibly put in your kitchen. Some say one of the outstanding pieces of 20th century appliance design, this won't disappoint.

Compact elegant design

LA PAVONI Europiccola won't take up your whole kitchen, with a nice compact footprint it delivers great results while being easy to find space for.

Chromed finish with wooden handles

Popular chrome finish complemented with wooden accents - chromed boiler, base, and brewing group - wooden handles, tap, and boiler cap. Stainless steel drip tray grill.

Built by people who understand espresso

Since 1905 LA PAVONI have been developing and manufacturing espresso coffee machines. This pedigree is reflected in every espresso machine they manufacture.



- Home espresso coffee making


Amazing quality espresso coffee

Lever brewing group for maximum control

Brewing of your espresso coffee is controlled by the pressure/rate of force applied to the lever. Want more pressure, press harder; want a slower extraction, lower the lever a little slower. Lever extraction gives you great control over the rate and pressure of extraction allowing you to produce amazing amounts of tasty crema.... A truly rewarding experience.

Excellent thermal stability

Solid brass group head, filter-holder, and brew piston delivers thermal stability to make sure your espresso extracts at the right temperature.

Chromed brass 51 mm double filter-holder for thermal stability

Filter-holder is constructed from chromed brass, just like a commercial espresso machine, to retain heat and maximise thermal stability. Chromed brass helps to maximise and retain the quality of coffee crema by maintaining adequate heat within the filter-holder, where the coffee extraction/brewing occurs. 

Uniform extraction from piston brewing system

Unlike a pump driven espresso machine, the LA PAVONI Europiccola uses a lever to press water through the filter-holder to extract/brew the espresso. This lever mechanism forces a "cylinder" of water through the compressed cake of ground coffee beans resulting in a more even exploitation of the coffee.


Lifting the lever allows water to fill the group head saturating the ground coffee beans and beginning the pre-infusion process. As the lever is lowered pre-infusion continues as the brew pressure ramps until espresso begins to flow.

Progressive infusion

As the lever is lowered the brew pressure progressively increases until it overwhelms the compressed coffee cake and espresso begins to flow. Unlike many pump driven espresso machines that go from 0% to 100% pressure very quickly, LA PAVONI lever machine slowly and gently builds extraction pressure for a smooth coffee extraction with optimal aroma, body, and crema.

Expert design from the experts in espresso

Hand assembled in Italy by LA PAVONI, true pioneers of the espresso machine industry. Since 1905 PAVONI have been designing and producing truly great espresso machines.

2-Cup and 1-Cup filter baskets

Included are 2-Cup and 1-Cup filter baskets for making espresso in the commercial style where you grind coffee freshly for each cup. This achieves the best quality espresso where the grind consistency, dose, and compression are optimised for perfect espresso.

ESE POD 1-Cup filter basket

You can make coffee using ESE coffee pods with the included special ESE POD filter basket.



Steam milk like the professionals

Strong dry steam for rich micro-foam

Strong steam... ready at a moment's notice to help you create steamed milk with velvety micro-foam for your favourite cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites

Steam milk straight away

No waiting around, the 1.6 L boiler provides adequate steam capacity to make your favourite caffe latte, flat white, cappuccino or other milk-based coffee drinks. Use the steam wand to steam milk in a pitcher just like in a cafe or use the automatic milk steamer.

Three-hole steam tip

Three-hole steam tip is designed to help the milk vortex while also allowing for a lot of steam flow to heat your milk quickly.

Removable steam arm

Steam arm connects with a bayonet connection allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning.


Great functionality and ease of use

72 mm cup clearance for cappuccino cups

72 mm clearance between the drip tray and the centre of the filter-holder allows you to use two good sized cappuccino cups at once. The distance between the drip tray and filter-holder outlet is 67 mm. Suitable for use with two regular 150/180 mL cappuccino cups.

Able to accommodate one taller glass

Suitable for use with one 220/250 mL Duralex cafe latte glasses, 8oz takeaway cup, or 227 mL regular size KeepCup. Europiccola can easily fit one larger glass or takeaway cup - in practice this is ideal for making that nice double ristretto for your morning cafe latte.

Water level indicator

View the water level quickly and easily. Left-hand side of the machine has a water level gauge allowing you to view the water level in the boiler.

Simple operation - just one switch

One switch turns the machine on and off. Once the machine is to pressure you control espresso brewing by raising a lowering the lever and steam operation by rotating the steam tap.

Generous 1.6 L boiler

The boiler is the water supply on a LA PAVONI lever machine. 1.6 L boiler is good for making about 16 coffees - for a normal household this is good for a couple of days use. To refill the boiler - switch the machine off, purge the boiler pressure, open the boiler cap, and refill the boiler with water.

Easy to clean drip tray

Black plastic drip tray is easy to remove and clean - hand wash only.


Stylish design with quality construction

Durable chromed exterior

Made of real stuff, LA PAVONI lever espresso machines are made from quality components like chromed brass.

Beautiful to look at

Not only do LA PAVONI lever espresso machines make great coffee, they also look absolutely fantastic. A true design icon.

Stainless steel cup grill

Cup grill made of highly polished stainless steel.

Superior finish

Elegant lines, high grade polished chrome finish, and a superior level of fit and finish make the LA PAVONI Europiccola a class leader for quality of construction and design.

Real wood handles, tap, and boiler cap

Stained wood accents create a nice classy look - handles, steam tap handle, and boiler cap all constructed from real wood.



LA PAVONI (La Pavoni Spa) was founded in a little workshop at Via Parini, Milan, Italy in 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni. The concepts behind the first LA PAVONI were patented in 1902 by Luigi Bezzera and registered at the Milan State office in 1903 - Mr Desiderio Pavoni purchased these patents and began to develop the LA PAVONI "Ideale" in 1905. LA PAVONI Ideale was the first modern espresso coffee machine on the market  - it incorporated many new and unique features that have remained features of espresso coffee machines over 100 years later - filter-holders used to contain ground coffee, a heated boiler kept at constant pressure by gas or electricity, and pressurised water forced through the coffee to brew or extract espresso.

The real revolution of this first LA PAVONI espresso coffee machine was speed - espresso literally translates as "expressed" - this new coffee machine reduced preparation time from a few minutes to one minute. The LA PAVONI Ideale coffee machine, which made continuous shots of coffee (so called ‘espresso’), was instrumental in spreading the fashion for drinking Italian style espresso coffee at the bar to the world.

In 1961 again LA PAVONI achieved a first with the release of the Europiccola - the first electrical espresso coffee machine for household use. The Europiccola allowed you to brew espresso and steam milk at home. In 1977 this concept was developed into the Europiccola Professional with an enlarged 1.6 L boiler and pressure gauge. Over 50 years later the Europiccola is still in production - a testament to the quality of that original design.

Over 100 years since its beginning LA PAVONI continues to develop and produce espresso coffee machines for the commercial and household markets. As one of the original espresso machine manufacturers LA PAVONI is characterised by traditional craftsmanship - quality materials, timeless design, hand assembly, and Italian quality.


What's in the Box

1x LA PAVONI Europiccola Professional Lever 1.6 L Espresso Coffee Machine Chrome + Wooden Handles
1x 51 mm chromed brass double filter-holder
1x Double filter basket
1x Single filter basket
1x ESE Pod filter basket
1x Cappuccinatore automatic milk foamer 
1x Plastic tamper
1x Plastic coffee scoop
1x User manual



Brewing System

51 mm LA PAVONI lever brewing group.


1.6 L chromed brass boiler with 1000 w heating element.

Boiler level control



Manual pre-infusion, coffee is pre-infused at boiler pressure (1-1.5 bar) with the lever at the highest position.

Brewing controlled by

Mechanical lever, coffee is progressively infused (1-9+ bar) as the lever is lowered.


51 mm chromed brass double filter-holder with 2 outlets. 2-Cup and 1-Cup standard coffee filter baskets. ESE POD single service pod filter basket.

Pressure gauge

Boiler pressure gauge.

Steam and water valves

Rotary steam valve.

Steam wand

Chromed brass steam arm with three-hole steam tip. Single axis of movement. Steam arm can be removed for cleaning.




Boiler over-temperature cut-out thermostat (resettable) + boiler over-pressure relief valve.

Boiler temperature control

Pressure switch.

Element - Power requirements

1000 w - 220-240 V.

Water supply

1.6 L boiler.

Exterior Colour / Finish

Chromed finish - wooden handles, tap, boiler cap - stainless steel cup grill.


200 mm [width] x 320 mm (520 with filter-holder) [depth] x 290 mm [height].


5.5 kg. 

Heating time from cold

~ 10 minutes

 Made in



LA PAVONI Europiccola Professional Lever 1.6 L Espresso Coffee Machine Chrome + Wooden [PLH].

Additional Features

Cappuccinatore automatic milk foamer


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Short description

The original home espresso coffee machine! Since 1961 people have enjoyed the quality, reliability, and performance of the LA PAVONI Europiccola. 

Amazing espresso - LA PAVONI Europiccola are well known for producing amazing espresso.

Lever brewing group - enjoy the rewarding control, simplicity, and reliability of lever extraction. Lever extraction offers absolute control over how you make your coffee, enabling you to 'feel' how the coffee is extracted.

Control over pre-infusion and extraction pressure - left the lever and leave it "up" for as long as you want to pre-infuse your coffee - lower the lever with as much or as little pressure as you like to control your espresso extraction.

Compact footprint - ideal for apartments and small kitchens.

Steam milk after brewing coffee - no transition time from brewing espresso to steaming milk.

Europiccola Professional version with 1.6 L boiler and boiler pressure gauge.

Chromed finish - with wooden accents.



- 51 mm PAVONI Lever brewing group

- 1x chromed-brass double filter-holder

- 3x Coffee filter baskets (2-Cup, 1-Cup, ESE Pod)

- 1.6 L chromed-brass boiler - 1000 w heating power

- Removable steam arm - single axis - 3-hole tip

- Boiler pressure gauge

- Dimensions: 200 mm [w] x 320 mm (520 with filter-holder) [d] x 290 mm [h]

- Weight: 5.5 kg

- Heating time from cold: ~ 10 minutes

- Chromed finish - Wooden Handles

- Power: 1000 w - 230 V

- 12-month warranty

- Made in Italy



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12-month New Zealand warranty for household use