LELIT PL162T BIANCA L58E Double Boiler PID 0.8/1.5L Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - WHITE - EUREKA MIGNON XL Coffee Grinder - WHITE - Package

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
White (Coffee machine)
Exterior Colour / Finish:
Wooden Handles (Coffee machine)
Coffee Brewing System:
Heating System:
Double Boiler
Coffee Basket Size:
Coffee Dosing:
Manual (Coffee machine)
Pressure Profiling
PID Temperature Controller
Commercial Rotary Pump
Tank Water Supply (external)
Direct Water Connection
Energy Saving System
Programmable Stand-by
Programmable pre-infusion
Digital Espresso Extraction Timer
Removable external water tank
Exterior Colour / Finish:
White (Coffee Grinder)
Grinding Burrs / Blades:
65mm Flat
Grinding Burrs / Blades:
DIAMOND INSIDE cryogenically hardened
Coffee Dosing:
Manual + Automatic (Coffee Grinder)
Stepless Grind Adjustment
Adjustable filter-holder fork (Coffee Grinder)
Quiet grinding technology
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LELIT PL162T BIANCA L58E Double Boiler PID 0.8/1.5L Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - WHITE - EUREKA MIGNON XL Coffee Grinder - WHITE - Package

LELIT PL162T BIANCA L58E Double Boiler PID 0.8/1.5L Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - WHITE - EUREKA MIGNON XL Coffee Grinder - WHITE - Package


The Ultimate home/office espresso setup.... Awesome + Awesome = Totally Awesome!!!

Combing one of the best home espresso machines, the LELIT Bianca, with one of the best coffee grinders gives you one of the best home / office coffee packages available.


LELIT BIANCA espresso coffee machine makes no compromises - cafe quality e61 brewing group, double boiler technology and manual brewing pressure profiling control via paddle. Bianca offers you unparalleled control over your espresso. Bianca is designed for coffee experts looking for the best in every coffee. Suitable for home users looking for absolute control over your espresso or for professionals looking to explore the possibilities of temperature / pressure variation - BIANCA is a creative tool to explore the possibilities of espresso.


Pressure profiling control - paddle regulates the extraction pressure between 0-12 Bar replicating the performance of the most advanced commercial espresso machines.

Double boiler precision - 1.5l steam boiler + 0.8l coffee brew boiler.

LCC (Lelit Control Centre) - PID temperature control + shot timer + pre-infusion.

Subtle white and grey PID display.

Wooden detailing - paddle, taps, filter-holder handles, and feet finished in wood.

Powerful steam - up to 130 degrees of steam boiler temperature delivers 1.7 bar of steam pressure for dry high pressure steam.

Steam milk while brewing coffee - double boiler allows you to draw steam or water from the boiler while brewing fresh espresso.

User adjustable brew-pressure valve.

Switchable operation from internal water tank or fixed water connection.

Adjustable wooden feet.

Stainless steel 58mm precision coffee tamper.

Commercial rotary pump for low noise operation.

Polished stainless steel exterior for an attractive, durable, and long lasting machine.

Developed and built by LELIT. 



LELIT PL162T BIANCA L58E Double Boiler PID 0.8/1.5L Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - WHITE

EUREKA ORO MIGNON XL 65mm Flat Burr Doser-less Coffee Grinder - WHITE



Commercial e61 brewing group 4.5kg for cafe quality espresso coffee

Pressure profiling system - paddle regulates water flow to the brew unit

Double boiler - Steam milk while brewing coffee

PID digital temperature controller

Programmable brew temperature

Programmable steam temperature

Programmable pre-infusion

Commercial steam arm - ball joint - 3 axis of movement

Insulated steam arm delivers more power to the milk + easier to clean

Quality commercial style rotary steam and water taps with soft close spring function

0.8 L stainless steel coffee boiler 1400 W

1.5 L stainless steel steam boiler 1400 W

2-Cup + bottomless 58 mm commercial filter-holders

Hot water outlet

Programmable stand-by

Dose counter

2.5 L removable water tank + direct water connection

Commercial Rotary Pump

Dimensions: 290mm [w] x 405mm (505 with filter-holder) [d] x 400mm [h]

Width (water tank fitted to side): 375mm

Depth (water tank fitted to rear): 490mm (590 to end of handle)

Weight: 26.5 kg

Heating time from cold: ~ 20 minutes

Power: 1550 W - 220-240 V

12 month warranty

Made in Italy

White exterior - wooden handles

Stainless steel tamper with aluminium handle



Grinding burrs: 65mm flat DIAMOND INSIDE cryogenically hardened steel burrs

Low Noise deign

Doser-less design - grind directly into the coffee filter-holder 

Coffee hopper: 300g 

Productivity: 2.3-2.8 g/s 

Grind adjustment: stepless 

Dosing: 2 programmable doses + manual

Dimensions: 120mm [w] x 180mm [d] x 380mm [h]

Weight: 7.2kg 

Motor: 1650rpm - 320w - 230V 

12 month warranty 

Made in Italy 

Matte White exterior



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