JURA WE8 Office Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - Tank

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
Aluminium / Black
Coffee Brewing System:
Heating System:
Coffee Dosing:
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Professional Aroma
30 Cups per Day
JURA WE8 Office Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - Tank

JURA WE8 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine - Version 3

Updated and improved version of the ever popular JURA WE8

Now with professional Aroma Grinder

Imagine being able to enjoy a delicious fresh flat white with the press of a single button. If you are looking for a top of the range super-automatic espresso coffee machine for your home or small-office then the JURA WE8 is the machine to get. One touch brewing, the very latest automatic espresso brewing system, brilliant quality steamed milk means the WE8 is able to deliver all of your coffee shop favourites.


At a Glance

One touch operation

4 programmable favourites settings on the home screen allow you to make coffee with the single touch of a button, no need to move the cup or make adjustments. WE8 will produce your favourite coffee with the right amount of espresso, hot water, and steamed milk foam.

Brilliant quality steamed milk

Fine foam technology produces possibly the best steamed milk available on an small automatic coffee machine. JURA coffee machines are renowned the ability to produce high quality steamed milk.

Customisable coffee selections

WE8 features drink customisation found on the professional JURA models. Each drink can be customised to suit your taste and cup size... You can specify the amount of espresso coffee, hot water and steamed milk foam. You can also specify the temperature and strength to suit your preference. 

Make coffee via your smartphone with JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) App

WE8 is compatible with the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) app enabling you control the coffee machine and make coffee from your smartphone. *Requires installation of JURA Smart Connect (sold separately)

Automatic coffee and milk rinsing cycle

Cleanliness is the cornerstone of great tasting coffee. WE8 incorporates automatic rinsing cycles to maintain cleanliness of both the coffee brewing group and automatic milk system.

Easy cleaning and maintenace

WE8 features automated cleaning cycles for the milk system and brew unit with on screen instructions. The instructions walk you through the daily cleaning process. Refilling the water tank and coffee bean hopper are both easy functions with easy access from the front and top of the machine. The drip tray and ground coffee tray are also easily removed from the front of the machine.

Built by people who understand espresso and automatic espresso machines

JURA specialise in the design and manufacture of automatic espresso machines. JURA machines are at the premium end of the automatic coffee machine market. Widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers, JURA are respected for the development and production of some of the most innovative automatic coffee machines.


Performance and productivity

~ 30 cups per day


Suitability and applications

WE8 is suited to small to medium size business users as well as use at home:

  • small and medium offices
  • hair salons
  • waiting rooms
  • automotive dealerships
  • home


Make your favorite coffee at the touch of a button

6 programmable favourite drink selections

WE8 features six favourite drink settings that are accessible at the press of a button from the home screen. You can customise which drinks you would like here so your favourite drinks are accessible at the touch of a button.

Combined coffee and milk outlet - no moving your cup

WE8 has both a central coffee outlet for black coffee, plus a combined coffee and milk delivery system to the right hand side of the machine so there is no need to move your cup  Just select your drink, place it under the appropriate outlet and let the WE8 do the rest. You can place your cup, select your drink, then enjoy your coffee.

Programmable drink size

The amount of coffee and milk can be varied to suit each drink type. If you have a special big cup, you can programme the WE8 to fill it up.


Fantastic milk foam

Perfect fine milk foam

Enjoy perfectly textured milk foam every time. JURA fine foam technology delivers perfectly textured milk foam for your cappuccinos, flat whites, and other specialty coffees. The professional fine foam delivers silky milk foam.

Automatic rinsing of the milk system

To ensure cleanliness and correct delivery of the milk foam the automatic milk system is automatically rinsed 10 minutes after a milk delivery. This helps to eliminate buildup of milk residue in the system.


Customisable... Enjoy your favourite coffee just the way you like it

Adjustable coffee strength, volume, and temperature

Each aspect of coffee strength, quantity, and temperature is able to be customised to suit your taste.

Coffee strength adjustment

The brew unit is able to use 5-16 grams of coffee per delivery. Coffee strenth can be adjusted (8 levels) to set the amount of coffee used.

Coffee volume adjustment and temperature

The volume of coffee delivered can be set (15-80ml) for espresso and (25-240ml) for all other drink selections. Coffee temperature can be set at normal or high.

Adjustable quantity of steamed milk foam.

You can adjust the amount of steamed milk foam to suit your preference. Milk is specified in seconds... more time equals more milk (3-120 seconds). Set it up to suit your cups then enjoy one touch operation.


Quality espresso

Pulse Extraction Process (PEP)

The latest brewing technology from JURA... Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) uses a pulsing brew pressure to better exploit the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Sealed bean hopper for freshness

The coffee bean container is sealed with a rubber gasket to minimise degradation due to oxidation... this helps to lock-in the freshness of your favourite coffee beans.

Auto rinse of the brew group

WE8 starts and finishes by rinsing the brew group to minimise build up of stale coffee oils... This help to ensure you only get the taste of freshly brewed coffee for each cup.

Aroma G3 grinder

Aroma G3 burr grinder preserves the coffee aroma by grinding quickly and efficiently to minimise damage the coffee during grinding.

Adjustable grinder

Six grind settings to suit your preference.


Great functionlaity and ease of use

One touch brewing

No matter if you are making a black coffee or milky coffee... one touch is all you require... No need to move the cup or make any adjustments, just put your cup under the appropriate outlet and select your drink. Simple.

Quick startup

WE8 heats up from cold to being able to delivery coffee in under a minute.

Height adjustable coffee and milk outlet

The coffee/milk outslets can be raised and lowered to accomodate short espresso glasses right through to tall mugs or latte glasses.

Easy programming with on-screen

Operation and programming of the machine is easy thanks to the on-screen programming menu. You can access and edit all your drink preferences using the click-wheel to navigate through the setting menus. The screen displays the relevant settings.

Easy cleaning with on-screen instructions

The screen provides instructions for each of the cleaning functions, without the need to refer to the manual. Each cleaning function is displayed step-by-step.

Side water tank with front access

Side mounted water tank makes it easy to access and refill even if the WE8 is situated up against a wall or underneath an overhanding cupboard.


Easy to maintain and clean

Self rinsing brew group

WE8 starts and finishes by rinsing the brew group to minimise build up of stale coffee oils... This help to ensure you only get the taste of freshly brewed coffee for each cup.

Automated milk system cleaning

WE8 features and automated cleaning cycle for the milk system. Simply follow the on screen instructions then press the button; the machine does the rest to keep the milk system nice an clean.>

Guided brew system cleaning cycle

When the brew system requires cleaning the WE8 will alert you. You can quickly and easily clean the brew system by following the on-screen instructions.

Easy access milk frothing system

The milk frothing mechanism can be easily accessed from the front of the machine. Simply remove the brew outlet cover to allow removal of the frothing system for cleaning.

Front access waste water tray and coffee dregs drawer

Both the waste-water tray and coffee dregs drawer can be removed together from the front of the machine.

Emptying alerts

WE8 will display a message on the screen to let you know when the waste-water or coffee dregs draw require emptying.

Water refill alert

WE8 will let you know when it requires more water.

Smart filter

Smart water filter system monitors the amound of water that has been used by the machine. When the filter needs to be replaced WE8 will let you know.



Whats in the Box

1x JURA WE8 - Chrome

1x User Manual

1x Milk cleaning container



Available drinks

1 or 2 Ristretto

1 or 2 Espresso

1 or 2 Black coffee (Long black)

1 Cappuccino

1 Latte macchiato

1 Flat white

1 Milk foam

Hot water

Coffee Brewing system

JURA automatic espresso coffee brewer with Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©). Variable brew chamber 5-16g of coffee. Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)

Coffee grinder

1x Professional Aroma coffee grinder.

Coffee bean capacity

500g coffee bean hopper.

Soluble powder delivery


Milk frothing system

Automatic milk frothing unit with fine foam technology - delivers milk foam (cappuccino).

Heating System

1x Thermoblock.

Drink delivery outlets

1x milk based coffee delivery outlet - height adjustable 107 - 153mm. 2x black coffee outets -  height adjustable 65 - 111mm.

Display and control

TFT Display. 4 quick selection buttons plus navigation buttons.

Cleaning system

Automatic milk system rinse. Automatic brew system rinse. Integrated milk and coffee system cleaning cycles with on-screen direction. Milk cleaning container included.

Water filter cartridge

CLARIS Pro Smart / CLARIS Smart

Power requirements

1450w // 220-240v 50Hz.

Water supply

3.0 litre water tank removable

Waste capacity

Ground coffee waste tray - 25 servings. Drip Tray.


295mm wide x 444mm deep x 419mm high - 10 kg.




JURA WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine Tank - Chrome [15144]

Additional Features

Use of Jura Operating Experience smarphone application by fitting the optional JURA Smart Connect


Jura WE8 Specifications

Jura WE8 Presentation


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Short description

JURA WE8 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine 


Suitable for home or small offices 

Suitable for up to 30 cups per day 

One touch operation - 4 programmable favourites settings allow you to make coffee with the single touch of a button, no need to move the cup or make adjustments. 

Brilliant quality steamed milk - Fine foam technology produces possibly the best steamed milk available on an automatic coffee machine. JURA coffee machines are renowned the ability to produce high quality steamed milk. 

Automatic coffee rinsing cycle - Cleanliness is the cornerstone of great tasting coffee. Each time the WE8 is turned on/off the brew unit is runsed to reduce buildup of stale coffee oils. 

Self rinsing - WE8 starts and finishes by rinsing the brew group keep the machine as clean as possible. 


- Makes 2x black coffees at a time 

- Makes 1x milk-based coffee at a time 

- Automatic milk system 

- Variable brewing: 5-16 g of coffee 

- Water filter: Claris Smart, Pro-smart 

- Water supply: 3 L tank 

- Dimensions: 295 mm [w] x 444 mm [d] x 419 mm [h] 

- Weight: 10kg 

- Power: 1450 w - 230 V 

- Designed in Switzerland



Water filter: JURA Claris Pro Smart Water Filter

Brew unit cleaning: Jura 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets - 6 Pack or Jura 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets - 25 Pack

Milk system cleaning: Jura Auto-Cappuccino Milk system cleaner 250ml or Jura Auto-Cappuccino Milk system cleaner 1 litre

Descaling: JURA Descaling Tablets - 3 cycles - 9 Tabs or JURA Descaling Tablets - 12 cycles - 36 Tabs


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