BEZZERA MITICA e61 PID 2L Espresso Coffee Machine - EUREKA ORO MIGNON SINGLE DOSE Coffee Grinder - BLACK - Package

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
Stainless Steel
Coffee Brewing System:
Heating System:
Coffee Basket Size:
Coffee Dosing:
PID Temperature Controller
Commercial Rotary Pump
Tank Water Supply
Direct Water Connection
Exterior Colour / Finish:
Black (Coffee Grinder)
Grinding Burrs / Blades:
65mm Flat
Grinding Burrs / Blades:
PURE DIAMOND** (Diamond Inside) Hardening Process
Coffee Dosing:
Manual (Coffee Grinder)
Stepless Grind Adjustment
ELR - Extremely Low Retention Design
BLOW UP - Cleaning Bellows
15° Angled Grind Chamber
Low Noise Operation
Quiet Grinding Technology
Optimised for Single Dose Operation
Online and In-store
BEZZERA MITICA e61 PID 2L Espresso Coffee Machine - EUREKA ORO MIGNON SINGLE DOSE Coffee Grinder - BLACK - Package

BEZZERA MITICA e61 PID 2L Espresso Coffee Machine - EUREKA ORO MIGNON SINGLE DOSE Coffee Grinder - BLACK - Package



BEZZERA MITICA e61 PID 2L Espresso Coffee Machine

EUREKA ORO MIGNON SINGLE DOSE 65mm Flat Burr Doser-less Coffee Grinder - BLACK





Cafe quality espresso coffee brewing

Bezzera Mitica features the same industry standard commercial e61 brewing group you would find on the commercial espresso machine at your local cafe.

Powerful steam... ready at a moments notice

Lever operated commercial steam valve with insulated steam wand delivers strong dry steam with maximum control perfect for smooth velvety milk. Insulated steam arms deliver more steam energy into the milk while making the wands easier to clean by preventing milk burn.

Steam milk while brewing coffee

Heavy duty 2 litre copper boiler with heat exchange system on the Bezzera allows you to draw steam or water from the boiler whole brewing espresso. This is the same proven system used on commercial espresso machines.

PID temperature controller for thermal stability and control

PID temperature allows you to set the boiler/brew head temperature with a high level of accuracy. PID temperature controller maintains boiler temperature within +/- 1 degree for super stable performance.

Commercial Rotary Pump for quiet operation

Full commercial rotary volumetric pump delivers quiet operation.

Tank or Plumb

Mitica includes both a 4 litre water tank plus fittings allowing direct connection to the water supply.

Durable stainless exterior

No flimsy plastic, brushed aluminium, or any other nonsense. Highly polished stainless steel exterior looks amazing while providing for a durable and long lasting machine.

Looks fantastic in your kitchen

Clean lines, highly polished bodywork, and with possibly the best finish in the industry, Bezzera machines look absolutely superb.

Awesome build quality

Unlike many other manufacturers, Bezzera manufacture components in-house including boilers and bodywork resulting in one of the highest standards of fit, finish, and quality in the industry.

Built by people who understand espresso

Hand assembled in Italy the home of espresso, by the oldest company in the business... Bezzera has been in the business of making outstanding espresso machines since 1901. It is this experience combined with an obsession for quality that makes Bezzera espresso machines so good.



Commercial quality e61 brewing group

Designed by Faema in 1961, the e61 brewing group remains the industry standard for commercial coffee.

Commercial filter-holders - single and double

Full size heavy duty chromed brass commercial filter holders allow you to extract espresso just like the professionals. BEZZERA MITICA comes with both a single filter holder and double filter holder.

PID Temperature Controller for temperature stability

PID controller is a digital thermostat which constantly switches the heating element to maintain boiler temperature +/- 1 degree. PID function is much more accurate than a traditional pressure switch that switches the heating element less frequently and therefore produces a greater variation in brew head / boiler temperature. 

Adjustable brew group / boiler temperature

Electronic PID temperature controller allows you to adjust the brew temperature to suit different bean roasts and origins. It allows you to program the temperature that you want and essentially turns your heating element on and off to maintain this temperature.

Excellent thermal stability

Heavy duty copper boiler with thermo-syphon system on the MITICA keeps the brewing system at the ideal brewing temperature by circulating hot water through the brewing group. 

Heat exchanger system delivers hot fresh brewing water

Heavy duty heat exchanger delivers fresh superheated water to the brewing group ensuring the freshest hot water for each cup.

Dual pre-infusion

Dual pre-infusion system for a smooth coffee extraction. Mechanical infusion valve, plus pre-infusion chamber helps to progressively infuse the coffee delivering a smooth coffee extraction with optimal aroma, body, and crema.

Commercial grade rotary pump

Rotary vane pump located underneath the water reservoir allows for consistent extraction pressure and smooth quiet operation. Pump pressure can be adjusted from underneath the machine.

Over Pressure Valve

Factory calibrated Over Pressure Valve ensures the optimum 9 bar extraction pressure is achieved for a smooth creamy espresso.

Expert design from the experts in espresso

Hand assembled in Italy by a company with over 100 years experience in the design and manufacture of espresso machines. Bezzera are known for quality. 



Powerful dry steam for velvety milk

Powerful steam from a generous 2 litre copper boiler... ready at a moments notice to help you create delicious velvety steamed milk for your favorite cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. 

Lever operated "instant-on" steam and water valves

Lever operated steam and water valves allow instant on/off operation.

Steam milk while brewing coffee

Heavy duty copper boiler with heat exchange system on the BEZZERA allows you to draw steam or water from the boiler whole brewing espresso. This is the same proven system used on commercial espresso machines.

Flexible ball-joint for control

Ball jointed steam arm connection makes it easy to position your steam arm just how you want it for maximum control.

Insulated "Cool-touch" steam arm

"Cool-touch" technology helps to improve steam power while making the steam arm easier to clean. The steam arm is lined with a Teflon tube to reduce heat dissipation through the arm so more steam energy is delivered into the milk. Because the arm doesn't get hot, the milk is less likely to bake onto the wand making it easier to clean.



Tank Or Plumb (TOP) configration allows flexibility of opeartion

Mitica TOP configuration allows you the flexibility to operate your machine using the built in water tank or connect it directly to a water supply.  

Direct water connection

Mitica TOP comes with plumbing fittings and accessories to connect the machine to a direct water supply. Direct water supply connection delivers the convenence of never running out of water.

Internal 4 litre water tank

Large water tank allows for plenty of use between refilling. Large open water tank can be removed for filling or filled directly in a pour-over fashion. Tank supply delivers the flexibility of being able to easily relocate your machine.




Superior finish

Rolled metal edges, high grade polished stainless steel, and a superior level of fit and finish make the Bezzera a class leader for quality of construction and design.

Large well designed drip tray

Drip tray is large, well designed, and slides out to make it easy to empty without spilling the liquid. 

Stylish Design

Clean lines, highly polished bodywork, and with possibly the best finish in the industry, Bezzera machines look absolutely superb.



Bezzera Mitica PID Espresso Coffee Machine

2 Cup Double Commercial Filter holder

1 Cup Single Commercial Filter holder

Blank filter basket for cleaning the brew system

Brew Group Cleaning Brush

Plastic tamper

User manual



Brewing Head

Commercial e61 brewing group 4.5kg for cafe quality espresso coffee 


2.0L copper boiler with heat exchanger 1450 W

Boiler level control

Microprocessor controlled automatic level control - dual probe - maintains boiler water level as steam/water is drawn off

Temperature control

GICAR PID Controller +/- 1 degree celcius. Boiler temperature probe


Dual pre-infusion system featuring infusion valve plus static infusion chamber

Filter Holders

2 Cup 58mm commercial filter holder + 1 Cup 58mm commercial filter holder

Brewing controlled by

Mechanical lever. Traditional e61 brewing group with lever operated brewing control

Pressure gauges

Boiler pressure gauge + Pump pressure gauge

Steam arm / wand

Insulated commercial steam arm with PTFE Teflon liner  - ball joint - 3 axis of movement Ball joint connection and two steam holes

Steam and water taps

Lever controlled instant on/off steam and water valves. Steam toggle up for continuous operation, down for instantaneous operation

Water pump

Commercial Rotary Pump

Water supply

4L water tank removable + direct water connection


Boiler over temperature interrupt + boiler over-pressure relief valve + low water tank level interrupt


320mm [w] x 460mm (580 with filter-holder) [d] x 405mm - 28.2kg

Electrical power requirements

1250w - 1450w // 220-240v 50Hz

Made in








Quiet operation

Quiet operation means you can operate the grinder without interrupting your conversation or disturbing a sleeping household. Much quieter than almost all other comparable coffee grinders.

Fast grind speed

65mm grinding burrs and 1650rpm speed deliver a 18g double shot in around 8 seconds.

PURE DIAMOND** grinding burrs stay sharper for longer

EUREKA PURE DIAMOND (Diamond Inside) grinder burrs are cyogenically hardened to maintain sharpness for longer - grind performance and consistency is maintinaed for longer.

Low retention

ELR System (Extremely Low Retention) - the perfect inclination of the grinding chamber (15°), combined with dedicated technical solutions, ensures retention close to zero

Less waste, less mess

Grind just the amount of coffee that you require. 

Super accurate

Step-less adjustment is super accurate.

Easy to setup and use

Intuitive grind setting means it is easy to dial in the perfect grind setting. Grind setting is via a step-less adjustment with wheel.




EUREKA process their PURE DIAMOND (Diamond Inside) grinder burrs using a patented process designed maintain sharpness of the grinder burrs for a longer time - cryogenic treatment at -193 Degrees Celcius improves the molecular crystal structure of the hardened steel burr. In simple terms the burr maintain sharpness for longer - grind performance and consistency is maintinaed for longer.



- Grinding burrs: 65mm flat PURE DIAMOND* cryogenically hardened steel burrs

- Low Noise deign

- Doser-less design - grind directly into the coffee filter-holder 

- Coffee hopper: 45 gram

- Productivity: 2.3-2.8 g/s 

- Grind adjustment: stepless 

- Dosing: manual

- Dimensions: 128mm [w] x 260mm [d] x 321mm [h]

- Weight: 7.2kg

- Motor: 1650rpm - 320w - 230V 

- 12 month warranty 

- Made in Italy 

- Black exterior


**PURE DIAMOND refers to the the patented EUREKA process for hardening the steel grinder burrs for optimum - these coffee grinder burrs are made of hardened steel and contain no diamond.



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