RDL Cream Volumetric Espresso Coffee Pod Machine

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Coffee Brewing System:
ESE Coffee Pod
Heating System:
Coffee Dosing:
15 Cups per Day
RDL Cream ELE with Cappuccinatore milk frother

RDL Cream Volumetric Espresso Coffee Pod Machine


At a Glance

One touch operation - Just place the pod into the machine; lock the brewing chamber closed, and press the brew button. RDL Cream makes it quck and easy to enjoy great quality espresso.

Perfect espresso every time - Each pod is manufactured to the ESE standard offering you consistently great espresso time after time. RDL Cream is specifically designed to get the best out of ESE coffee pods.

Steam milk while brewing espresso - Dedicated brass steam thermoblock delivers strong dry steam even while the machine is brewing espresso. 

Easy steamed milk - Create thick creamy cappuccinos using the cappuccinatore milk steaming attachment. Simply place the supply tube in fresh milk and press the steam button for hot, thick, creamy steamed milk.

Adjustable espresso volume - Two programmable coffee volumes allow for espresso, ristretto, or perhaps a slightly longer extraction so you can enjoy your espresso just how you like.

Fast turnaround - No waiting between shots, RDL cream allows you to make shot after shot of delicious Italian espresso.

Low mess - No coffee grounds to clean up. Spent coffee is contained in an easily disposable paper pod.


Suitability and Performance

~ 15 coffees per day



- Brass thermoblock heating systm 
- Small and large programmable coffee dose
- Steam outlet with swappable milk steaming system (Steam arm + automatic milk frother)
- Steam arm
- Cappucinatore milk frother attachment
- Well designed drip tray: slides out easily for removal and cleaning
- Heating power: 700w / 1400w
- Water supply 2.5l removable reservoir
- ULKA 15 Bar Vibration Pump
- Weight: 13 kg
- Dimensions 260mm [w] x 355mm [d] x 330mm [h]
- Heating time from cold: ~ 5 minutes
- Power: 230V
- 12 month warranty
- Made in Italy