Rocket Espresso Service and Repair

We specialise in service and repair of Rocket Espresso Machines. If your Rocket is not operating correctly we are here to help. We have an experienced team of technicians who can test your machine, diagnose the problem, install new parts from our huge inventory of parts, test the machine and get it back to you as quickly as possible.

Common e61 Rocket problems that we repair

  • Boiler pressure is going beyond 1.5bar or is intermittent: replacement and testing of a new pressure switch.
  • Group head does not release pressure after brewing: refurbishment/replacement of group head valves; rebuild and test the group head.
  • Steam pouring from the top of the machine: replace faulty anti-vacuum or safety valve
  • Intermittent boiler pressure: replace faulty pressure switch
  • No pump repssure: installation of new vibration pump
  • Machine not heating up: replace blown heating element or replace faulty control board
  • Boiler not filling with water: clean and repair water level probe and/or replace faulty autolevel control microcontroller
  • Water leaking from machine: isolate the leak and replace worn seals, gaskets, o-rings
  • Steam/water taps not closing properly: replace tap seals and/or steam shafts
  • Pressure gauges reading incorrectly: check gauges for calcification and clean; or replace where required
  • Machine "tripping" cicrcuit breaker/RCD: replace insulation-damaged component - switch, element, pump, electrovalve, control board, wiring, thermostat
  • Plus many more...

Where are you located?

You can view our service locations here: Service Centres

What are your hours?

You can view opening hours for our service locations here: Service Centres

I live outside of Auckland, can I courier my machine to you for repair?

Yes, absolutely. You can view instructions for sending your machine to us here: Service via freight

I have a question about getting my machine serviced?

Great, we are happy to help, contact one of our service centres listed here: Service Centres