Espresso Gear Barista Coffee Tamper 57mm

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Espresso Gear Barista Coffee Tamper 57mm

Espresso Gear Presso Barista 57mm Coffee Tamper is a professional grade coffee tamper suitable for use with home espresso coffee machines that use 57mm style portafilters. One of the best quality tampers on the market, Espresso Gear Barista a top choice for the professional or home barista. Swedish design, high quality polished stainless steel finish, optimised weight and balance make this a top of the range espresso coffee tamper.

Presso Barista tamper is a professional grade coffee tamper suitable for the professional barista as well as the serious home user:

  • Balanced Design: cheap mass produced tampers often have a light handle and very heavy base making them unweildly to use. Presso Barista tamper is perfectly balanced and an optimal weight to allow precise control over coffee tamping while being comfortable to use.
  • Die cast stainless steel: tampers are generally lathe machined from 60 mm to maybe 20 mm to achieve the desired shape, this wastes alot of material. Barista tampers are die cast from recyled stainless steel then had polished to produce a product that looks stunningly good while minimises wasted resources.
  • Hand polished stainless steel: each tamper is finished in hand polished stainless steel giving a premium quality finish.
  • Additional handles: want to add a splash of colour to your tamper? Barista tamper handles are easily removable and there are a range of colours to chose from.
  • 100% recylced stainless steel: using recyled materials saves up to 80% in energy.


  • Diameter: 57mm
  • Base material: Hand polished stainless steel
  • Handle material: Thermoplastic
  • Available Handle Colours*: Red, Baby Blue, Pink, Green, Brown, Black, Orange, Oak
  • Weight: 160grams
  • Designed in Sweden


57mm Espresso Gear Barista Tamper is suitable for the following makes and models:

  • Ascaso: Dream
  • Innova: Dream
  • La Pavoni: Domus Bar, Domus Casa

Improve your espresso with a quality coffee tamper
Achieving great quality espresso relies on even compression and packing of the coffee into the portafilter. Having a good quality coffee tamper can provide a huge improvement in the quality of your espresso by allowing you to achieve an even and consistent compression of the coffee. Espresso Gear Barista is a top quality tamper which is beautiful to use, gives great results, and looks great.

The right fit for perfect espresso
Espresso gear offer a range of coffee tamper sizes from 58mm to 49mm to fit most makes and models of espresso machines. Your coffee tamper needs to be slightly smaller than the internal diameter of your coffee filter basket to prevent it binding against the basket, but large enough to cover the whole surface of the ground coffee for an even compression.

Smart Swedish design from the team at Espresso Gear
Espresso Gear Barista 58mm is not just any coffee tamper, the Presso Barista is a perfect example of smart engineering from the team at Espresso Gear. Designed in Sweden the Presso Barista tamper is made for professional use.  When serving 300 shots during a shift, its not comfortable wielding an unbalanced solid metal tamper. Barista tamper is specially designed for the professional barista with an optimal weight (not to heavy, not too light) to allow precise control over coffee tamping while also being perfectly balanced. When other cheap mass produced tampers choose aluminium to reduce weight, Espresso Gear though outside the box, using die cast production to produce a hollow stainless steel base. The Presso Barista is the only die cast, hollow base stainless steel tamper on the market. It is perfectly balanced and has a comfortable weight of about 160 grams. A neat thing that comes with the casting of the tamper is that it saves a huge amount of resources with virtualy no loss in material. The stainless steel in all Espresso Gear products is 100% recycled.

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