Pallo Caffeine Wrench Espresso Machine Service Tool

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Pallo Caffeine Wrench Espresso Machine Service Tool

Pallo Caffeine wrench is a true multi-function barista tool. With tons of useful features it can handle most of the routine adjustments around your cafe or espresso bar.

Portafilter basket remover

Great for removing filter baskets from the filterholders when they are attached firmly. Simply insert the lever under the basket lip and turn like a key to pop the basket out of handle.

Steam Wand Tip Wrenches

8mm, 12mm, 13mm Fits nearly all wand tips. Select appropriate size wrench and install or remove tip as required.

Bottle Opener

Convenient bottle opener

Flat-head screwdriver

Light-duty flat head screwdriver for removing shower screws, adjusting grinders, or any other general adjustments.

Milk residue scraper

Tapered U shaped tool for scrapuing accumulated milk residue from your steam wand.

Gasket spike/probe

REmoving gaskets can be a real struggle, the spike on the end of the Caffeine Wrench helps you to lever old gaskets out of the brewing group.

8mm Group Bolt wrench

8mm wrench to easily remove the bolt holding in the shower screen.

Thermometer calibrator

Reset thermometers that are aout of adjustment.