Warranty Policy

We are proud of the brands we sell and represent. These are premium brands widely respected for their quality and reliability. In the unexpected event that something goes awry with you purchase and it is a genuine warranty claim, we will endeavour to rectify this for you in the quickest and most straightfoward manner.

Espresso Machine and Grinder Standard Warranty

All of our espresso machines are sourced in New Zealand from the respective New Zealand importer/agent. The applicable warranty is as per the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty information provided with your machine. Unless otherwise stated all domestic machines come with a standard domestic warranty valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.   Some exclusions apply. In the event that you have a warranty concern you should contact us in the first instance by email. In many cases we can manage the warranty process for you.

Espresso Machine and Grinder Extended Warranty

If you have purchased an extended warranty (for domestic use) we will manage the warranty process. This warranty is over and above the manufacturers warranty as per the terms and conditions outlined at purchase. Some exclusions apply. In the event that you have a warranty concern and you believe this is covered under an extended warranty, you should contuct us. Please note that extended warranties are based upon adherence to the specified regular maintenance of the machine, in the event that the maintenance schedule has not been followed, claims under this warranty may be invalid.


If for some reason you are unhappy with your coffee please contact the manufacturer/roaster directly. Please provide the date of purchase and the applicable expiry date or roasting date as per the package. In the event you are unhappy with a particular batch of coffee we would appreciate your feedback by emailing: [email protected].

Spare Parts and Accessories

If you believe a spare part purchased from us is faulty please contact us by emailing: [email protected].