Domestic / Office Espresso Coffee Machine Service and Repair

Leave your espresso coffee machine with the experts.

We can clean, service, and repair your espresso coffee machine to keep it in perfect working condition. Whether you are after a routine tune-up and clean, or you need a repair to your espresso coffee machine we are here to help. We stock thousands of parts for many popular makes and models.

We specialise in sales and service of espresso coffee machines so we can diagnose and service your machine quickly and to a high standard. If you have any questions or are after a few pointers we can also help out as part of the service process.

What brands and models do you service?

ECM Giotto
La Pavoni
La Piccola
La Scala
Rancilio Silvia
Rocket Giotto
Saeco Royal Cappucino

Where can I get my espresso coffee machine serviced?

You can view our service locations here: Service Centres

Can I courier/freight my machine to you for service or repair?

Yes, absolutely. You can view instructions for sending your machine to us here: Service via freight

What is your hourly rate?

Our minimum charge is $150 (incl GST) payable in advance when you drop off your machine for service/repair.

Workshop services are charged as follows:

- First hour $150 (incl GST)

- $23 (incl GST) per 15 minutes after first hour.

Our minimum charge is $150 (incl GST) covering the first hour, after this repairs are charged per 15 minute unit.

How much is does it usually cost?

Our most common services are outlined below. Obviously these prices are indications only for servicing only and assume proper operation of the machine when it arrives to us. 

Machine Type
Tune Up Price
Whats included

Single Boiler

(e.g. Rancilio Silvia,
LELIT PL41, Ascaso Dream)


(incl GST)

  • Strip, clean, and flush the brewing group 
  • Remove and thoroughly clean the shower screen and replace the headseal
  • Clean all external parts (filter-holder, filter baskets, drip tray, water reservoir,  steam wand, milk frother)
  • Professional descale (where required)
  • Reassemble and test the machine

Lever Extraction

(e.g. La Pavoni Europiccola,
Europiccola Professional)


(incl GST)

  • Strip the grouphead, remove and clean the shower screen, and replace all groupheap seals
  • Replace boiler cap seal, steam shaft seals
  • Clean all external parts (filter-holder, filter baskets, drip tray, steam wand)
  • Professional descale (where required)
  • Reasseble and test the machine

Heat exchanger

(e.g. e61, Rocket Giotto,
Vibiemme Domobar,
Bezzera Magica, Isomac Tea,
La Scala Butterfly)


(incl GST)

  • Disassemble the brewing group and clean components.
  • Disassemble the taps and clean components (where required).
  • Open and inspect the machine.
  • Replace the level probe and anti-vacuum valve.
  • Install a new brew group service kit including new valves and seals.
  • Install new tap service kits (where required).
  • Clean all external parts (filter-holder, filter baskets, drip tray, water reservoir,  steam wand, milk frother).
  • Professional Descale (where required).
  • Reassemble and test machine.
  • Test and adjust the boiler pressure and brewhead pump pressure.
  • Clean and backflush the brewing group.

*prices are indicative only and subject to variation due to replacement of additional parts, availability of parts, increased labour cost, transport, increased incidental costs, and other variations

Can I get a quote?

Our minimum charge is $150 (incl GST) payable in advance when you drop off your machine for service/repair. We are happy to take a look at your machine and advise on the likely cost of repairs. If you chose not to proceed with repair then our minimum charge is non-refundable.

I have a questions about getting my espresso machine serviced

Great, we are happy to help, contact one of our service locations here: Service Centres