Rancilio Silvia Service Kit - Newer Style (ball joint steam arm)

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Full service kit for newer style Rancilio Silvia machines (ball joint steam arm that rotates side to side as well as up and down)

1x Group Head Filter Seal 73x58x8.2mm RANCILIO Genuine - 5012498 - 36301030
1x Shower Screen 57.5mm - 1081036
1x Screw M5X14 Hex Flat Head - 1528156
2x O-Ring 02025 VITON 6.07x1.78mm - 1186612
1x Flat Gasket 13x4x4 mm NBR - 1186311
1x Flat Gasket 13.5x4x4 mm VITON - 1186822
1x Flat Gasket 21x16.8x2 mm PTFE Teflon - 1186201
1x Conical PTFE Teflon Seal  OD12 mm ID6.5 mm - 1186793
1x Spring OD12xL12 mm - 1250224
1x Flat Gasket 14.6x12x3 mm PTFE Teflon Conical - 1186794


NOTE: There are 2x flat gaskets (Flat Gasket 13x4x4 mm NBR and Flat Gasket 13.5x4x4 mm VITON) provided for the steam valve. The green ones are the original specification, but the black NBR ones tend to last better. You will have 1x surplus Flat Gasket left over. 

NOTE: We supply a flat Teflon (PTFE) gasket to replaced the copper gasket on the steam valve as the Teflon (PTFE) gaskets seal and last better.