Anti-vacuum Valve 1/4" BSP Steel Taller Style

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Anti-vacuum Valve 1/4" BSP Steel Taller Style

Anti-vacuum valve for commercial and domestic espresso machines. Steel contruction with 1/4" fitting.

Anti-vacuum valves prevent the buildup of a vacuum withing espresso machine boilers as they cool. As the boiler cools steam condense back to water and the steam/water volume reduces creating a vacuum, the anti-vacuum valve opens to allow the intake of air to prevent a vacuum being created. When a cold espresso machine begins to heat and steam is produced, the pressure closes the anti-vacuum valve, creating a sealed boiler. A worn anti-vacuum vale will allow steam to escape the boiler and should be replaced immediately.


  • Fitting: 1/4"
  • Material: Steel

LF Code: 1523534

Nuova Ricambi Code: 618968-N