Why shop with Espresso Machine Company?

Helping you enjoy great coffee at your home, office, or business - that is our goal. Espresso Machine Company was founded in 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand and is now a leader in the sale and service of espresso coffee machines.

Simply stated -  our goal is to help you enjoy great coffee by offering a great range of high quality espresso machines, backing them up with great training and aftersales service.

Shop with total confidence with Espresso Machine Company - here are just a few reasons we think you're going to enjoy shopping with us:

Best quality Espresso Coffee machines and grinders

You want to be able to recreate that cafe quality taste and experience in your home or business, this relies heavily on the right machine to do the job. We offer a huge range of espresso machines to suit every lifestyle, sourced from only top quality prducers such as Ascaso, Astoria, Bezzera, Pavoni, and Eureka.

No matter if you are buying an entry level domestic machine for less than $1000 or a top line multi-boiler commercial espresso coffee machine; rest assured that we have extensively tested it and know that it makes a great cup of coffee.

Best range of premium quality coffee

Great espresso relies on using great quality coffee beans. You can find the best range of premium quality coffee beans right here. Our range of premium quality coffee beans has been specially selected for you to take the guess work out of buying great quality coffee beans. 

Best advice

We live and breath espresso and are passionate about sharing our expertise to help you to recreate that cafe experience. You may have questions about the right espresso machine to suit your lifestyle or how espresso machines work - we are happy to help. Give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our showroom for a friendly chat.

Best training

You want to be able to get the best out of your shiny new espresso coffee machine so we offer complimentry training on all machines we sell. Check out our how-to guides for lots of tips and tricks on how to enjoy great tasting coffee at home.

Best Service

When your coffee machine needs a service you want it done quickly and by expert technicians who know your machine inside out. Unlike most other retailers, we offer extensive repair and maintenance services on a variety of espresso coffee machines - even makes and models that we don't sell. Whether you purchased your machine from us or not, we would love to help you get the best out of your machine with regular maintenance.

Our commitment to you

We understand that you are not just buying a coffee machine or a bag of coffee, but you are buying an experience. The daily ritual of a beautifully crafted cup of coffee is a passion, some might say an obsession to many, that delivers happiness. We believe the daily ritual of enjoying a great cup of coffee should be enjoyable and rewarding.

In-house service centre and spare parts

In-house servicing means quicker turnaround for you and expert technicians who know your machine and how to get the best out of it. We service all of the popular makes and models of quality espresso coffee machines. Unlike most other service centres we carry an extensive inventory of spare parts, backed by regular spare part shipments from international suppliers. If you need a spare part or repair, chances are we have the parts in stock - if not, we can get them for you.

Fast delivery

When you place an order, you want it as quickly as possible, right? We do everything in our power to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Unlike many other online retailers we carry all of our machines, accessories, and spare parts in stock ready for immediate dispatch.


We are a real business with a showroom, warehouse, and service facility. You can buy with confidence knowing that you are not buying from a business run out of a garage or basement. Our showroom is often described as a "playground" for coffee fans with lots of shiny espresso machines, grinders, barista tools, and coffee. Customers from all over New Zealand regularly stop in to try out an espresso machine, pick up a few items, buy some coffee, or just look at all the cool espresso machines. 

Already bought a machine from us online? We invite you to visit us if you are ever in Auckland to answer any questions you might have about makin really great coffee at your home, office, or business.

Our environmental stewardship

We understand that the environment is very important to you. Every product we sell has been selected with the environment in mind.

The Espresso Machines and Grinders that we sell are designed to be enjoyed for a long time through quality of construction. We dont sell "disposable" appliances like you might buy at a department store. Appliances that are designed to last can reduce the use of raw materials and the amount of waste product. Purchasing a high quality Espresso Machine can not only reduce the impact on the environment it can work out cheaper than purchasing multiple cheap and nasty machines over the life of the Espresso Machine.


Give us a call 09 950 1951 - we'd love the chance to talk with you or send us an email with your query and we'll get a response for you.