La Pavoni Domus Bar Espresso Machine with built-in Burr Grinder

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Single Boiler
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Tank Water Supply
Built-in Coffee Grinder
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La Pavoni Domus Bar Espresso Machine with built-in Burr Grinder

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Want to enjoy cafe quality coffee at home?

Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy a caffe latte, cappuccino, flat white, or espresso that is as good as, if not better, than what you can buy in a cafe. Making cafe quality coffee requires freshly ground coffee, a machine that can produce really great espresso, and sufficient steam pressure to produce hot thick velvety steamed milk. Domus Bar by La Pavoni is a quality Italian made single boiler domestic espresso machine with a built in conical burr grinder, with the ability to make really great quality espresso, and ample steam power to produce steamed milk for your favourite cafe style coffee drinks.





The La Pavoni Domus Bar is a fully featured home espresso machine with stylish good looks.   Domus Bar features many features found on more expensive espresso machines such as a three way brew control solenoid and pump pressure gauge. What tops it off is that you get a conical burr grinder included in one compact yet stylish unit allowing you to grind the freshest coffee.

  • Solid brass boiler and grouphead: Domus Bar features a two piece boiler and group head constructed of solid brass.   The group head is mounted directly below the boiler to maximise thermal stability.
  • Large pump pressure gauge: A real asset when searching for the ultimate extraction, the pump pressure gauge tells you under what pressure your espresso is being extracted. IF the pressure is too high you could make your grind more coarse; if it is too low, you could make your grind finer.
  • Three way solenoid: Unlike many cheaper models, Domus Bar features a three way solenoid to relieve pressure from the brewing group and prevent the system from dripping when not in use.   Excess pressure is vented into the drip tray for easy of cleaning.
  • On-demand grinder: improve your coffee making experience by using the freshest ground coffee for each cup using the integrated conical burr grinder. Featuring stepless adjustment the on-demand grinder allows you to refine you grind and then grind only the exact amount of coffee needed for for each cup. Fresh is best!
  • Stainless steel: Everything including the chassis, lids, drip tray grill, and frame are constructed from high-quality and durable stainless steel.
  • Large drip tray: Removable drip tray has ample capacity and makes it easy to keep the machine clean.

Does it produce good steam power for frothing milk?

Domus bar features a proper boiler made from brass for superior steam production. We recommend steaming milk with the froth assister attachment removed. Good steam power combined with a single steam hole tip makes it possible to achieve a nice fine velvety microfoam for adding to your espresso to produce your favourite milk based specialty coffees.

Does Domus Bar produce great espresso?

Domus Bar is able to produce really great espresso due to the innovative design features and use of good quality components. The brass boiler in the Domus Bar is mounted directly above the brewing group which contribtes to the temperature stability required for making great espresso. Extraction is controlled by a three-way electrovalve just like you would find on a commercial espresso machine. The espresso extraction pressure gauge is a really useful addition for refining your espresso extraction and adjusting the grinder.

How good is the burr grinder?

Domus Bar grinder provides both the consistent grind quality and range of adjustment suitable to make great espresso. You can grind the freshest coffee beans for each cup of coffee using the conical burr grinder. The grinder includes a stepless adjustment allowing you to make subtle adjustments to the grind of coffee. Hardened steel grinding burrs produce a very consistent coffee grind suitable for making great espresso coffee.

Is this machine easy to clean?
Being a manual espresso machine, the Domus Bar is relatively easy to keep clean. There are no cleaning tablets to use or cleaning cycles, there is no milk system to clean or complicated brewing mechinism to flush. Regular cleaning of the portafilter and periodic backflushing of the group will resolve the buildup of residual coffee oils. The drip tray and coffee trays slide out for easy removal and cleaning.

How often should it be maintained?
We recommend that you service the Domus Bar every 12 months to keep it working in perfect condition. A typical service involves replacing the group head seal and shower screen, cleaning and backflushing the bewing group, cleaning the steam system, cleaning the coffee grinder, and making any adjustments as required. Servicing is a pretty quick and painless procedure.

What if I don't know how to use an espresso machine?
You want to be able to make really good coffee at your home or office and we want to help you achieve this. Not only can we recommend the right espresso machine for you, but we can offer complimentary training on every machine we sell. We provide training for in store purchases and if you have any questions in the weeks or months afterward, feel free to give us a call or email. If you buy online feel free to give us a call or send an email and will answer your coffee related questions. Often customers feel that they want to get straight into it experimenting and learning how to use their espresso machine before getting any training, which great; many customers have felt that after a few weeks they want to get a few tips and tricks to refine their coffee making, these customers have found this aftersales support really valuable and it has really improved their coffee making.

Who are La Pavoni? Why are La Pavoni espresso machines so good?
La Pavoni have been producing espresso coffee machines since 1905. That is over 100 years of research, development, and manufacture of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of espresso machines. One of the truely famous names in coffee, La Pavoni are based in Milan, Italy and their sole purpose is to design and manufacture espresso machines and coffee grinders; they don't make vaccum cleaners, toasters, or blenders. As one of the most experienced manufacturers of commmerical espresso machines this experiene in reflected in the design and manufacture of every La Pavoni domestic espresso machine. You can buy cheaper machines or cheaper brands, but it is just not the same.

What about aftersales service and spare parts?
Buying a good quality espresso machine is an investment and you want to know that the parts and service are available to keep it operating in prefect condition. Our in house technical team can keep your machine in perfect working order. We carry a range of spare parts and if we don't have a part in stock we can source it pretty smartly from our network of suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, and Italy. Not only do we service all the machines we sell, but we also service all the major brands of manual domestic Italian espresso machines.

What warranty is offered on this machine?
La Pavoni domestic espresso machines carry a 12 month warranty. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with your machine please get in contact with us, we are happy to manage the warranty process for you. Most likely we can remedy it for you inhouse.

Why buy from Espresso Machine Company?
At Espresso Machine Company our sole focus is on helping you achieve cafe quality coffee at your home or office:

  • Specialists in manual style espresso machines: we specialise in the sale and service of manual style espresso machines (just like they use in a cafe) as it is our belief that these give the best quality cafe quality coffee experience. Our sole focus is on helping you achieve great quality coffee in your home or office.
  • Training: we offer training and aftersales support on all the espresso machines we sell. If you have a question, please feel free to drop by our showroom, give us a call, or send an email.
  • Spare parts availability: We carry an extensive range of spare parts for all the machines we sell, as well as all the major brands of real manual espresso machines. In the unlikely event that we don't have a part in stock we can reach out to our network of suppliers.
  • Technical support: We handle aftersales service and repairs in house, we don't outsource. We can conduct routine maintenance or more advanced repairs and return your beloved espresso machine to you in a timely fashion. We aim for quick turnaround.
  • Showroom/workshop: We are a not just an online store run from someones house, we have an extensive range of machines available to try at our showroom and workshop located in Penrose, Auckland. We can be easily reached less than one minute from the Ellerslie Motorway exit.
  • Independence: we are specialists in the sale of espresso machines, we are not associated with any coffee roasters. We can advise you on how to select great coffee tu use in your neww espresso machine, but we dont promote or push any particular brand. We believe there is great enjoyment from experiencing a variety of coffees.

How it works
The Domus Bar is constructed around a 300ml brass boiler with vertically mounted heating element. A vibration pump operated by switch is used to pump fresh water from the reservoir into the boiler. For steaming milk the boiler heats water to over 100 degrees, the steam wand is connected to the boiler through a brass steam valve, when the valve is opened steam from the top of the boiler is released. As more and more steam is drawn off the element boils the water to produce more steam giving the unit superior steam capacity. For making espresso the boiler maintains the water temperature below 95 degrees. When the pump is activated fresh water is pumped into the boiler which then flows back out of the boiler and through a three selenoid valve, the water then passes back down through a heat exchanger passing throught the boiler and into the brewting group where it is pumped through the coffee puck to produce espresso. When the pump is switched off the three way solenoid valve disconnects the brewing system from the boiler and excess pressure from the brewing group is vented through the valve into the drip tray. The grinder is a concical burr grinder mounted to the right of the machine. Coffee beans are added to the hopper from the top of the machine. Asjustment of the grind (fine/course) is achieved by turning the knob on the right hand side of the machine. Grinding is activated by pressing a portafilter against the button mounted below the coffee outlet.


  • Boiler: brass
  • Brewing group: brass
  • Portafilter: chromed brass 57mm
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar ULKA pump
  • Pump pressure gauge: 0 - 16 bar
  • Brew group 3-way solenoid: three way electrovalve to control brewing brewing and relieve pressure from the brewing group
  • Steam valve: brass
  • Grinder: concical hardened steel burr with stepless adjustment
  • Element: 1000w
  • Water reservoir: 3.5 litre
  • Coffee bean capacity: 150 grams
  • Weight: 10.4 kilograms
  • Dimensions [w] x [h] x [d]: 300mm x 375mm x 280mm
  • Heating time from cold: ~ 5 minutes
  • Power: 230V
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Made in Italy

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