ASCASO Dream Espresso Coffee Machine "Love is in the Air"

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ASCASO Dream Espresso Coffee Machine "Love is in the Air"

Beautiful styling... makes great coffee...

ASCASO Dream, is one of the most emblematic coffee machines of the Ascaso factory. This machine, designed by Marc Aranyó, combines the retro look with the latest state-of- the-art technology. Besides from decorating the area where it is placed, this espresso coffee machine provides a professional quality extraction and versatility to offer varieties of coffee (espresso, medium, large) as well as cappuccino and other latte varieties. And always, with great simplicity it its daily use.

Barista Quality At Home. Designed and hand built in Barcelona, the Dream model is one of the most emblematic coffee machines of the Ascaso factory. We love this machine, designed by Marc Aranyó, which combines retro design with the latest state-of- the-art engineering, including a 100% aluminium body, 3-way Solenoid valve, chromed brass filter holder and integrated cup warmer. This gorgeous machine comes in a great choice of classic, retro and contemporary colours and carries a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee. Enjoy your 'Dream' coffee!



At a Glance

Cafe quality espresso

Ascaso Dream produces really great espresso thanks to the use of quality components and innovative design. Both the brewing group-head and the coffee filter-holder are manufactured from chromed/nickel plated brass to maximise heat retention and thermal stability. This thermal stability is what ensures your espresso is extracted at just the right temperature to maximise flavour and consistency.

The whole brewing system is heated by being mounted directly below the thermoblock to maximise heat transfer. When you make espresso, fresh water is rapidly heated as it flows through one metre of coiled stainless steel heat exchanger within the thermoblock. Each time you brew espresso freshly heated water is delivered at just the right temperature. Brewing is controlled by a three-way electric solenoid valve just like you would find on a commercial espresso machine. 

Powerful steam... for creamy cappuccinnos and lattes

The new Ascaso stainless steel and aluminium thermoblock delivers powerful steam. Good steam power combined with a single steam hole tip makes it possible to achieve a nice fine velvety microfoam for all your favorite specialty coffees. Dream also features a cappuccinatore steam arm attachment that injects air into the milk making it easy to achieve nice fluffy steamed milk for cappuccinos.

Durable aluminium construction -  with a range of finishes

Dream coffee machine is manufactured in die-cast aluminium that not only offers a high quality finish, it makes the Dream very durable. After hand polishing each machine is treated with a high-quality varnish (the same coating as used in Formula 1 and on boats). Available in a wide range of colours, plus matte or gloss options, Dream is also available in a polished aluminium finish. There is sure to be a colour or finish to suit your Kitchen.

Versatile brewing

Dream comes with a range of coffee filter baskets to suit your brewing method. Use the standard commercial style baskets if you have a burr coffee grinder and grind your coffee beans fresh for every cup for the full professional barista experience. Use the pressurised coffee filter baskets if you prefer the convenience of using pre-ground coffee beans. Use the single-serve ESE coffee pod basket for coffee pods. 

Beautiful retro design - looks fantastic in your kitchen

One of the most distinctive coffee machines on the market; its hard not to fall in love with the styling of the Ascaso Dream. Many adjectives have been used to describe this espresso machine including "cute", "beautiful", "retro", "classic", "pretty", "elegant", and "stylish". Designed by Marc Aranyó over 15 years ago, Dream has gone on to become an icon for Ascaso, now featuring the latest state-of- the-art technology while retaining the beautifully proportioned design. This is an appliance you won't want to hide away.

Compact and elegant

Dream certainly wont take up your whole kitchen, with a nice compact footprint it delivers great results while being easy to find space for.

Improvements and upgrades

Ascaso have improved the Dream hugely over the 15 years of production.... The latest version is truely a great espresso machine. Ascaso have worked really hard to improve performance as well as reliability. We are super excited about them. Here are the key upgrades and features:

Thermoblock heating system

Stainless steel lined aluminium thermoblock is not only fast to heat, but is resistant to scale buildup. Scale is usually what kills coffee machines by blocking water passages and making heating systems work harder to heat the coffee. The Ascaso thermoblock not only works amazing, they are super reliable.

3-way brew solenoid

Excess water pressure is returned to the water tank after espresso is brewed. The result is a nice dry coffee puck rather than a watery mess.

Soft-close steam tap with Viton Seal

Steam tap has a soft Viton seal which is both resistant to scale and particle buildup while being much easier to service and replace. This is a huge imrovement over the steam taps on previous versions which were a less reliable metal-on-metal seal.

Versatile brewing options with five included coffee filter baskets

Five included filter baskets allow you to brew espresso with freshly ground coffee, pre-ground coffee, or coffee pods. There is no need to change anything in the brewing group, just select the right basket for your situation. Super easy.


Quality espresso coffee

Excellent thermal stability

Ascaso dream features chromed/nickel-plated brass filter-holder and brewing group to maintain the stable brewing temperature required for excellent espresso. The whole brewing system is heated by being mounted directly below the thermoblock to maximise heat transfer.

Oversized stainless steel + aluminium thermoblock

Brewing water is delivered through a 900w stainless steel lined aluminium thermoblock which heats fresh brewing water to the optimal temperature. Espresso temperature is maintained by 95 Degree C Coffee Thermostat.

Thermoblock for fresh water for each cup

Ascaso Dream thermoblock is lined with over a metre of AISI 316 stainless steel allowing fresh brew water to the rapidly heated and delivered to the brewing system for each cup.

Quality 20 bar vibration pump with Over Pressure Valve

20 bar vibration pump delivers pressurised water to the brewing system. Factory calibrated Over Pressure Valve ensures the optimum extraction pressure is achieved for a smooth creamy espresso.

3-way brewing control valve 

3-way brewing control valve is a commercial feature that not only directs the flow of water to the brew group, but also relieves the water pressure off the coffee once brewing is complete. After brewing this pressure release allows the ground coffee in the filter-holder to dry into a nice "coffee puck" while also allowing the filter-holder to be immediately removed without waiting for pressure to drop. This is the same system used on commercial machine allowing you to make coffees one after the other. 

Over pressure valve (OPV)

Factory calibrated Over Pressure Valve ensures the optimum 9 bar extraction pressure is achieved for a smooth creamy espresso. 

Chromed/nickel-plated brass 57mm filter-holder

Heavy duty 57mm nickel plated brass filter-holder allows you to extract espresso just like the professionals. Dream comes with a double outlet filter-holder and a range of coffee filter baskets to suit your requirements. 

2-Cup and 1-Cup precision commercial style filter baskets

Dream includes 2-Cup and 1-Cup precision filter baskets for making espresso in the commercial style where you grind coffee freshly for each cup. This achieves the best quality espresso where the grind consistency, dose, and compression are optimised for perfect espresso.

Precision commercial style filter baskets

The precision filter baskets are manufactured to precise specifications both in terms of diameter and cut angle. Circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size (tolerance 0.02 mm) plus each hole is cut to a consistent 94º cut angle angle. This consistency guarantees uniform dispensing of the espresso for a more consistent extraction.

2-Cup and 1-Cup pressurised filter baskets

If you don't have a coffee grinder or prefer the convenience of using pre-ground coffee then use the pressurised filter baskets that come included with Ascaso Dream. The specially designed "super-froth" baskets force the brew through a small outlet to generate crema regardless of the blend or grind consistency of coffee used. Both 2-Cup and 1-Cup pressurised coffee filter baskets are included.

ESE POD 1-Cup filter basket

Dream can make coffee using ESE coffee pods using the included special POD filter basket.

Quality European design from experts in espresso

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by company with over 50 years experience in the espresso machine industry.


Steam milk like the professionals

Powerful dry steam for velvety milk

Oversized thermoblock designed to deliver strong dry steam...

Continuous steam owerful dry steam for velvety milk

Oversized thermoblock designed to deliver strong dry steam...

Fast heat time

Oversized thermoblock designed to deliver strong dry steam...

Single outlet for fine microfoam

Oversized thermoblock designed to deliver strong dry steam...

Froth enhancing steam arm...

Special attachment allows making creamy cappuccinos and lattes easy...

Soft-close professional style steam valve

Viton gasket

Temperature gauge

show the temperature



Stylish design with quality construction

Stylish retro design

Iconic classica retro design featuring a range of colours and polished finished.

European Design

IBarcelona Spaind.

Quality rust-free aliminium contruction

Aluminium with varnished finish

Stainless steel lined thermoblock to resist scale build-up

Aluminium The use of stainless steel eliminates contamination of the water while also minimising scale bul

Hand polished finish

Hand polished.

Metal switches

High quality + retro look. 

Huge range of colours

High quality + retro look

European Construction Quality

Barcelona Spain


Ease of use

Fast warm-up time

Iconic classica retro design featuring a range of colours and poli

Simple operation

Toggle switchesli

Cup warmer

Iconic classica retro design featuring a range of colours and polished finished.

Wire drip tray

Keeps coffee residue from base of cup. 

1.3 litre water tank


Versatile brewing methods

5 included filters


About Ascaso

Ascaso was founded in Barcelona Spain by Mr J. Ascaso in 1962. Ascaso originated as a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of spare parts for espresso coffee machines. Originally supplying just the Spanish market, Ascaso now supplies spare parts to over 80 countries. With over 110,000 product lines for over 700 manufacturers/brands Ascaso is one of the largest suppliers of spare parts to the coffee and hospitality industry worldwide.

In 1997 Ascaso created a new division dedicated to the manufacture of espresso coffee machines for the home and hospitality market. An innovative approach to the development and application of new technologies, plus a focus on beautiful design has helped Ascaso to rapidly expand into a respected player in the espresso coffee machine market. Ascaso is certainly one of the most innovative espresso machine manufacturers utilising innovating and different materials, developing new technologies, and components, and doing things different in order to achieve a better product. Ascaso designs and manufactures 100% of its products in Barcelona, Spain to ensure you receive the highest quality possible. All Ascaso products are thoughtfully designed, with excellent quality materials, to be both highly functional as well as beautiful to look at. 

Whats in the Box

1x ASCASO Dream Espresso Machine
1x 57mm filter holder
5x Coffee Filter Baskets (1-Cup and 2-Cup standard, 1-Caup and 2-Cup pressurised, ESE POD)
1x Metal tamper
1x User manual


Brewing Head

57mm brewing group constructed from chromed brass. 57mm chromed brass filter-holder. Saturated brew group design with the thermoblock located directly above the filter-holder.


1000w Aluminium thermoblock lined with AISI 316 stainless steel.

Boiler level control




Brewing controlled by

Manual. Lever toggle switch. 3-way brew solenoid.


57mm chromed brass double filter holder. 2-Cup and 1-Cup standard coffee filter baskets. 2-Cup and 1-Cup pressurised coffee filter baskets. ESE POD single service pod filter basket.

Pressure gauge

Temperature gauge.

Steam valve

Rotary steam valve with soft-close Viton seal.

Steam wand

Removable chromed steam arm with single axis of rotation. Milk frothing attachment plus a single hole outlet.


20 Bar vibration pump.


Over-temperature safety thermostat.

Boiler temperature control

95 Degree C Coffee Thermostat + 140 Degree C Steam Thermostat.

Element - Power requirements

1050w // 220-240v 50Hz.

Water supply

1.3 litre water tank removable.


245mm wide x 280mm deep x 345mm high - 10.0 kg. 

Made in



ASCASO Dream Espresso Coffee Machine "Love is in the Air" [ASCDREAMLOV].

Additional Features

57mm Aluminium Tamper


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