ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine - ASCASO I-MINI Doser-less Coffee Grinder - MATTE WHITE - Combo

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10.00 KGS
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Exterior Colour / Finish:
Matte Cloud White
Exterior Colour / Finish:
Wooden Handles
Coffee Brewing System:
Coffee Brewing System:
3-Way Electric Brew Control Valve
Heating System:
Coffee Basket Size:
58 mm
Coffee Dosing:
Manual + Automatic
PID Temperature Controller
Programmable preinfusion
Tank Water Supply (internal)
Online and In-store
ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine - ASCASO I-MINI Doser-less Coffee Grinder - MATTE WHITE - Combo

ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine - ASCASO I-MINI Doser-less Coffee Grinder - MATTE WHITE - Combo



ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine - V3 - Matte Cloud White

ASCASO I-MINI I-1 54mm Flat Burr Doser-less Coffee Grinder - Matte White


ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine

The iconic ASCASO DREAM is now even better with the PID version - new features make the DREAM PID one of the very best single boiler home espresso machines.

Dream PID is a single boiler espresso coffee machine featuring digital PID temperature control, full commercial sized filter holder, adjustable brew pressure and an insulated commercial style steam wand. 

Stainless steel lined thermoblock is quick to heat up and delivers excellent thermal stability - thermoblock design delivers almost unlimited steam at a stable pressure. 

Digital control over brew temperature, pre-infusion, extraction time, programmable brew volume and energy saving standby make this one of the most feature rich machines available. 

All this power - delivered in the stylish and classic design of the ASCASO Dream.



Brew coffee like a pro with 58mm commercial size filter-holder and brewing group.

Commercial style insulated steam arm.

Iconic design with high quality finish.




PID temperature controller has two key benefits - control over the brew temperature and a more stable brew temperature. The brew temperature can be adjusted to the nearest degree C to suit the beans you are brewing as well as your individual taste - once the brew temperature is set, the temperature controller will switch the heating system continuously to maintain a very stable brew temperature.


Electronic digital control over the following:

- Adjust coffee brew system temperature in one-degree increments.

- Electronic steam control.

- Stand-by option available.

- Coffee dose timer.

- Programmable pre-infusion - 0 to 5 seconds.


Pre-infusion helps to improve consistency in your espresso by evenly exploiting the whole body of ground coffee - water is added to the ground coffee and then allowed to "infuse" for a number of seconds - this pre-infusion helps to evenly distribute the coffee and hot water in the basket before full brewing pressure is applied. This is a valuable function for both beginner and experienced baristas. Pre-infusion is adjustable between 1-5 seconds or can be switched off.


Commercial sized filter-holders are the same weight and dimensions as the filter-holders you would find on a professional espresso machine - these filter-holders retain heat the same way and use the same sized coffee baskets as a professional coffee machine. In fact the DREAM PID filter-holder is compatible and interchangable with e61 style brewing groups. You can also use precision filter baskets, bottomless filter-holders, and commercial barista tools such as coffee levellers designed for professional 58mm brewing systems.


Commercial style 10mm steam arm/wand with a ball joint connection gives you 3 axis of movement - position the steam arm exactly where you want it. Single hole steam arm tip is optimised for this size of machine. Steam arm is insulated with a teflon core - this maximises the amount of steam energy delivered to the steam tip by minimising the amount of energy lost into the metal arm itself. Steam arm insulation also makes it easier to clean by reducing the milk "cooking" on the outside of the steam arm.


It can be difficult to judge 25mL, 30mL, 60mL, etc in your favourite coffee cup - programmable dosing eliminates the guess work by allowing you to program the exact amount of coffee. You can program 2 separate cup sizes using a measuring glass and holding the dose switch up (2-CUP) or down (1-CUP) until the desired volume is achieved - next time you press the coffee switch up or down the programmed dose will be delivered. You can also manually stop the flow of coffee by operating the coffee switch again.


Digital timer allows you to monitor the time of your espresso extraction - this is a great help when adjusting your grinder and the amount of coffee to use. When extraction starts the digital display indicates how many seconds your coffee extraction has been operating.


Brewing group is made from lead-free brass to maximise thermal stability - this thermal stability helps to ensure your espresso is extracted at the correct temperature. This brewing group was developed for ASCASO commercial espresso coffee machines. 

3-Way brew control solenoid controls the flow of hot water into the brewing system as well and relieving excess pressure from the filter-holder after extraction is complete - this is the same system used on commercial espresso machines.


Extraction pressure gauge is a great tool to help ensure your espresso is extracting correctly - you want to aim for 8-10 bar.  The gauge shows the pressure being forced into the coffee to extract your espresso and can be used to influnce changes to the grind setting and amount of coffee you put in the coffee filter basket.


Brew pressure can be adjusted to suit your coffee brewing style. The OPV (Over Pressure Valve) has its adjustment mounted externally next to the brewing group - you can increase or decrease the brew pressure using a screwdriver to create a brew profile that is distincly yours.


Wooden handles are a stylish addition to the DREAM PID - both the filter-holder and steam tap handle are finished in timber giving the machine a warm natural feel.


Steam valve features a professional style design that is reliable, easy to use and easy to service.


Thermoblock heating system delivers excellent thermal stability combined with a fast heat up time. ASCASO developed this 1000W thermoblock for their commercial espresso machines - the advantages of this system are stable brew temperature, fresh brew water, resistabt to limescale buildup, and high reliability. The thermoblock has 1m of AISI 316 stainless steel tube coiled inside an aluminium thermoblock - fresh water is pump from the tank and super-heated inside the thermoblock coil and delivered to the brewing system.

Thermoblock heating system delivers almost unlimited steam - steam is almost limited only water tank capacity. When operating in steam mode the thermoblock superheats to 165 degrees C and the pump pulses to inject small bursts of water into the stainless steel coil - this water super-heats into steam and escapes through the steam wand via the steam valve.


Insulated cover helps to retain heat within the thermoblock heating system - this improves thermal stability while also saving energy.


ASCASO DREAM body is constrcted from cast aluminium giving each machine a high quality long lasting finish - aluminium provides a smooth seam-free finish with great corrosion resistance. Each machine is polished and checked by an artisan before the coloured finish is applied. Polished aluminium machines are hand polished to a mirror finish before being coated in a high quality clear protective varnish - bases for all machines are prepared using the same process. 


5 coffee filter baskets are included with each DREAM to give you the greatest flexibility - grind your coffee fresh, use pre-ground coffee, or use ESE coffee pods. 1-Cup and 2-Cup traditional filter baskets are included if you have a good quality coffee grinder and want to optimise the grind, dose, and tamp pressure like a professional barista. 1-Cup and 2-Cup pressurised "super-froth" coffee filter baskets are included if you want to use pre-ground coffee, but still want to achieve a nice crema. ESE coffee pod filter basket if included to use ESE coffee pods.


Precision coffee filter baskets are one of the best upgrades you can make for your espresso coffee machine - quite simply, precision filters help to ensure the coffee is extracted as evenly as possible with consistent flow across the cake of compressed ground coffee. Traditional mass-produced coffee filter baskets are stamped out of sheets of stainless steel resulting in holes that can be irregular in shape and edges that are less than smooth. High quality manufacturing processes and finer tolerances (0.02mm) ensure the filter holes and conical shape are uniform across the whole surface of each precision coffee filter basket. Each coffee filter basket included with the ASCASO DREAM is manufactured to a precision standard to help improve the quality of your espresso.


Standby function turns the machine off after the manchine is not used for some time - you can set the machine to turn off after 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Standby can also be disabled if you prefer the machine to be hot and ready for use at all times. 


Wire cup tray grill keeps the base of your coffee cups free of coffee residue - while also looking stylish. Stainless steel drip tray catches all the coffee waste and is easily removed for cleaning.


Hot cups are one of the real secrets to great coffee - it doesn't matter if you are making espresso or a cafe latte - a hot cup helps to keep your drink in its prime state for longer by keeping it hot rather than drawing heat from the drink like a cold cup does. DREAM PID has a 10W heating plate under the lid of the machine to gently heat your cups placed on top of the machine. The elegant wire frame around the top of the machine will hold your cups on top of the machine ready for use. 



- 58 mm nickel-plated brass brewing group

- 2-Cup 58 mm nickel-plated commercial filter-holder

- Commercial steam arm - ball joint - 3 axis of movement

- Insulated steam arm delivers more power to the milk + easier to clean

- Rotary steam valve with soft-close seal

- Versatile brewing options

- 2-Cup and 1-Cup precision commercial style filter baskets

- 2-Cup and 1-Cup pressurised filter baskets

- ESE POD 1-Cup filter basket

- Programmable brew volume 1-Cup and 2-Cup

- Programmable preinfusion 0-5 seconds

- Digital PID temperature controller

- Digital coffee brewing timer

- Adjustable OPV brew pressure valve

- Brew pressure gauge

- Stainless steel lined thermoblock 1000 W - stable brew temperature + unlimited steam

- Boiler insulation to improve heat recover and use less energy

- Wooden filter-holder handle and steam tap handle

- 10 W cup warmer

- Die-cast Aluminium body

- LED lighting

- 1.3 L removable water tank

- 20 bar vibration pump

- Dimensions: 245mm [w] x 280mm (380mm to end of handle) [d] x 345mm [h]

- Weight: 10.0 kg

- Heating time from cold: ~ 3 minutes

- Heating time from coffee to steam: ~ 100 seconds

- Power: 1100w - 230V

- 12 month warranty

- Made in Spain

- Matte Cloud White finish - wooden handles



ASCASO DREAM PID Espresso Coffee Machine

Commercial double filter-holder

2-Cup and 1-Cup precision commercial style filter baskets

2-Cup and 1-Cup pressurised filter baskets

ESE POD 1-Cup filter basket

Aluminium coffee tamper

User manual



- Grinding burrs: 54 mm flat hardened steel 

- Doser-less design - grind directly into the coffee filter-holder 

- Coffee hopper: 250 g 

- Productivity: ~1.4 g/s 

- Grind adjustment: stepless 

- Dosing: manual

- Dimensions: 125 mm [w] x 230 mm [d] x 355 mm [h]

- Weight: 3.5 kg 

- Motor: 700 rpm - 250 W - 230V 

- 12 month warranty 

- Made in Spain

- Polished Aluminium Finish


Buy with confidence - we have NZ's best range of quality coffee machines - backed up by a spare parts and service operation. We are the experts - talk to us.

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