LELIT PL60T Double Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine with PID

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Exterior Colour / Finish:
Stainless Steel
Coffee Brewing System:
3-Way Electric Solenoid
Heating System:
Double Boiler
Coffee Basket Size:
Coffee Dosing:
Tank Water Supply
PID Temperature Controller
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LELIT PL60T Double Boiler Espresso Coffee Machine with PID

Create luscious lattes, creamy cappuccinos, and other café-style drinks to impress your guests with Lelit PL60T Espresso Machine. PL60T features a double boiler setup to allow espresso extraction and milk steaming at the same time.  A cup warmer is located on top of the machine. The machine is a great fusion of top Italian design and technology, best suited for your home as well as small offices. 

Dual Boiler

Dual boiler configuration allows making espresso and steaming milk at the same time. A dedicated 250ml PID controlled boiler for espresso delivers high pressure water at a very stable temperature for excellent espresso. A second dedicated 400ml stainless steel boiler delivers hod dry steam for velvety smooth steamed milk.

PID Temperature Controller

A PID is a digital thermostat. It allows you to program the temperature that you want and essentially turns your heating element on and off to maintain this temperature. It is much more precise than a regular thermostat and can maintain temperature within 1 degree whereas with a traditional thermostat there are much wider swings in temperature.

Multi-Directional Steam Wand

The Lelit PL60T V2 features a multi-directional steam wand with a professional single-hole tip. This allows for easy manipulation of the wand and the possibility to fit many sizes of steaming pitchers.

Extraction Manometer

The Lelit PL60T has an extraction manometer that measures the extraction pressure. This is a very handy tool when extracting espresso as it provides a window into the extraction. If your extraction is within the green area on the manometer you know that you are pulling a good shot. If you are past the green area, coarsen your grind, if you are below then grind finer.

Brew Group

Made of brass, the commercial grade brew group ensures even heat and water distribution and provides a superior brewing environment resulting in highly consistent espresso extraction.

Brass Boiler and 2 Thermostats

Made of marine grade brass, the boiler provides best steaming powers and quicker recycling times when brewing multiple espressos. The brass construction resists scale build up and pitting for long lasting durability. Two thermostats are built into the machine. One controls the temperature for steam and the second monitors the boiler to protect it from overheating.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

The three-way solenoid valve is a commercial feature that not only directs the flow of water from the boiler to the brew group, but also relieves the water pressure off the coffee when the brew switch is turned off. The valve dries out the used ground coffee in the portafilter immediately after the brewing is finished. So you can straight away remove the handle, easily knock the dried coffee out and reset of the machine for another shot.

A Powerful Pump

The Lelit PL60 has a very powerful pump rated at 15 BAR of pressure to extract maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir (2.7 litre capacity) is removable for easy cleaning. You can fill it while the machine is operating or remove it for filling at the sink.

Cup Warmer

A cup-warming surface located on the top of the machine holds up to 6 espresso/demitasse cups and keeps them warm that is a prerequisite of perfect espresso.

Durable Chassis

The exterior of the machine is made of durable, top quality polished stainless steel which is easy to clean and maintain.



  • Brew Boiler: 250ml brass
  • Steam Boiler: 400ml stainless steel
  • Steam arm: Ball jointed single hole tip
  • Overpressure valve: 9BAR 
  • Water tank capacity: 2.7 litres
  • Brew boiler element: 1000W
  • Steam boiler element: 1200W
  • Dimensions: 30cm wide x 28cm deep x 39cm high
  • Weight: 11 kg