MOKITO ROSSO - ESE Espresso Coffee Pods - 200x pack - BB June 2021

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MOKITO ROSSO - ESE Espresso Coffee Pods - 200x pack - BB June 2021

CLEARANCE PRICE - Best before JUNE 2021

Your favourite MOKITO ROSSO coffee packaged in convenient ESE Easy Serve Espresso coffee pods.

MOKITO Rosso - a blend of Central American Arabic coffees and Indian Robusta gives a precious body of the best espresso coffees without leaving out the sweetness and the aromas that a good coffee should have.

Each pack of MOKITO ROSSO ESE coffee pods contains 200 individually sealed quality Italian espresso coffee pods suitable for use with the popular ESE Easy Serve Espresso coffee pod system.


Classical Italian espresso

Roasted and blended in the true Italian style - Rosso is crafted to produce a full bodied espresso that balances the rich fruity aroma of Arabica with the earthy flavour characteristics of Indian Robusta. Rosso produces excellent crema for a rich and pleasant mouthfeel with lingering tones of chocolate, spice and nuts. You receive choice examples of Arabica and Robusta expertly selected, roasted, blended, and packaged with each pack of MOKITO Rosso ESE coffee pods.

This coffee is spectacular with steamed milk - the sweetness and texture of the milk work in harmony with the espresso to accentuate the chocolate tones.

Enjoy in your favourite latte, flat-white, or cappuccino - or enjoy as an espresso.

Developed and produced in Italy.

One of our best sellers - try it - we are sure you will be impressed.


Consistent quality

Enjoy consistent quality, cup-to-cup, week-to-week, month-to-month thanks to a production process designed to ensure your MOKITO coffee extracts the same and produces the same exciting results with each batch.


What makes this so good:

MOKITO ROSSO coffee blend has been expertly crafted to deliver a beautiful espresso from these ESE coffee pods.

State of the art packaging equipment is used to create individually sealed coffee pods to maximise flavour. 

Individually sealed for freshness - each coffee pod is individually sealed to retain the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Easy to use - all you have to do is insert the pod in the machine to obtain an excellent espresso.

Minimal mess - each 7g serve of ground coffee is contained in porous paper - used pods are easily disposed in compost or waste


MOKITO Coffee 

MOKITO S.p.A. is an Italian producer and distributor of roasted coffee based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1931 by Daniele De Bei to cater for the regional capital of the Lombardy region of Italy, MOKITO has a prestigious history with over 80 years experience in the selection, roasting, and blending of coffee beans. MOKITO coffee blends date back as far as 1931 and have been perfected throughout the years to deliver to you, the customer, the very best espresso experience. 

MOKITO believes in quality espresso - this quality comes from high standards, tireless work, and an innovative use of technology - combined with over seventy years of coffee roasting tradition and four generations of master roasters. 

MOKITO continues to be based in MILAN Italy - roasting and blending high quality coffee blends in the Italian style. 



- Contents: 200x ESE Easy Serve Espresso coffee pods

- Dimensions: 395mm [w] x 275mm [d] x 195mm [h]

- Net Weight: 200x 7.0g 

- Made in Italy