BFC Junior Extra Double Boiler PID Espresso Coffee Machine

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Double Boiler
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BFC Junior Extra Double Boiler PID Espresso Coffee Machine

Cafe quality, with double boiler precision...

BFC Junior Extra TCI delivers you double boiler functionality to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time. Independent boilers controlled by dual PID (microporcessor) temperature control delivers strong powerful steam while maintaining superior temperature stability to enhance the quality of your espresso. Powerful steam allows you to create velvety smooth microfoam for your favorite lattes, flat whites, and cappucinos.

As always BFC build quality is at the top of its class utilising commercial-grade components, and stylish and functional stainless steel chassis all hand assembled in Italy to create an espresso machine sure to be the envy of any visitor to your kitchen.

Espresso Brewing Technology incorporateing the e61 Groupheadmade-in-italy-50.png58mm-50.png


At a Glance

Cafe quality e61 brewing group | genuine e61 commercial brewing group gives you the same pre-infusion and brewing capabilities found on commercial espresso machines allowing you the capability to recreate the finest espresso, just like the professionals.

Dual Boiler funtionality | dual boiler setup allows for very stable and precise espresso brewing temperature from a dedicated 0.8 litre brewing boiler, while allowing for increased levels of steam pressure and hot water for faster recovery from a dedicated 1.3 litre steam boiler.

Superior temperature stability from dual PID control | the boiler control has a PID (microprocessor) temperature controller for both the espresso brewing boiler the steam boiler allowing both to be adjusted independently to within 1 degree from the front contol panel.

Powerful steam from a dedicated boiler | dedicated steam boiler and commercial grade steam valve delivers strong dry steam. Ball jointed flexible steam wand provides maximum control, perfect for creating smooth velvety steamed milk.

Steam milk while brewing coffee | dual boiler system allows milk to be steamed while coffee is being brewed.

Durable stainless steel exterior | no flimsy plastic, brushed aluminium, or any other nonsese. Heavy duty stainless steel frame and exterior make for a durable and long lasting machine.

Looks fantastic in your kitchen | BFC Double Boiler is one handsome Italian with strong angular lines and stainless steel finish. Sure to be proudly on display in your kitchen.

Built by people who understand espresso | hand built in Italy, BFC Double Boiler is an awesome machine because it is built by artisans who drink espresso, understand espresso, and know how to build a DAMN FINE espresso machine.


Cafe quality espresso coffee

Commercial quality e61 brewing group

BFC Junior Extra features the same commercial e61 style brewing group you would find on the commercial espresso machine at your local cafe. Designed by Faema in 1961, the e61 brewing group remains the industry standard for commercial coffee.

Excellent thermal stability

Heavy duty copper boiler circulates temperature stable heated water through the brewing group maintaining the ideal brew temperature.

Dedicated coffee brew boiler for precision temperature control

Dedicated 800ml coffee brew boiler delivers pre-heated water to the brewing group ensuring the ideal extraction temperature is maintained.

Commercial filterholders - single and double

Full size heavy duty chromed brass commercial filter holders allow you to extract espresso just like the professionals. BFC Junior Extra comes with both a single filter holder and double filter holder.

PID (microporcessor) adjustable extraction temperature control

PID controller allows you to control the brew temperature to withing 1 degree or accuracy. PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is an electronic controller that measures boiler temeprature very accurately and sends short bursts of heat to keep your boiler temeprature stable within a very narrow range.

Dual pre-infusion

Dual pre-infusion system for a smooth coffee extraction. Mechanical infusion valve, plus pre-infusion chamber helps to progressively infuse the coffee delivering a smooth coffee extration with optimal aroma, body, and crema.

Quality 15 bar vibration pump with Over Pressure Valve

Industry standard 15 bar Italian ULKA vibration pump delivers pressurised water to the brewing system. Factory calibrated Over Pressure Valve ensures the optimum 9 bar extraction pressure is achieved for a smooth creamy espresso.

Expert design from the experts in espresso

Hand assembled in Italy by people who understand espresso BFC Junior is an awesome machine because it is built by artisans who drink espresso, understand espresso, and know how to build a DAMN FINE espresso machine.



Steam milk like the professionals

Dedicated steam boiler for Powerful dry steam

Powerful steam from a dedicated 1.3 litre copper steam boiler... ready at a moments notice to help you create delicious velvety steamed milk for your favorite cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. 

Independent PID (microprocessor) adjustable steam temperature control

PID controller allows you to control the steam boiler temperature independently of the brew boiler. Steam boiler power can be increased without affecting espresso brew temperature. PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is an electronic controller that measures boiler temeprature very accurately and sends short bursts of heat to keep your boiler temeprature stable within a very narrow range.

Steam milk while brewing coffee

Double boiler setup allows you to draw steam or water from the boiler without interrupting brewing of espresso. This is the same proven system used on top end commercial espresso machines.

Flexible ball-joint for control

Ball jointed steam arm connection makes it easy to position your steam arm just how you want it for maxiumum control.

Cool-touch steam arm

Cool-touch technology helpe to improve steam power while making the steam arm easier to clean. Insulated steam arm prevents heat dissipation through the wand so more steam energy is delivered though the tip. Because the arm doesn't get hot, the milk is less likely to bake onto the wand making it easier to clean.

Commercial grade soft-close steam valve

BFC junior features the same steam valve used on the commerical models designed for precision control and durability. Soft-close design prevents damage due to overtightening while still offering you great contol over steam power.



Stylish design with quality construction

Durable stainless exterior

no flimsy plastic, brushed aliminium, or any other nonsense. Heavy duty stainless frame and exterior make a durable and long lasting machine.

Large well designed drip tray

Drip tray is large, well designed, and slides out to make it easy to empty without spilling the liquid. 

Superior finish

Rolled metal edges, high grade polished stainless steel, and a superior level of fit and finish make the BFC a class leader for quality of construction and design.


Whats in the Box

1x BFC Junior Extra Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
1x Commercial Double Portafitler
1x Commercial Single Portafilter
1x Blind filter basket for backflushing
1x Group Head Cleaning Brush
1x Plastic tamper
1x User manual



Brewing Head

e61 commercial brewing group 4.05 kg constructed from chromed brass.


0.8 litre heavy duty copper espresso brew boiler // 1.3 litre heavy duty copper steam boiler

Boiler level control

Microprocessor controlled automatic level control - maintains boiler water level as steam/water is drawn off.


Dual pre-infusion system featuring infusion valve plus static infusion chamber.

Brewing controlled by

Mechanical lever. Traditional e61 brewing group with lever operated brewing control.


Full size commercial Grade 58mm chromed brass double filter holder.
Full size commercial Grade 58mm chromed brass single filter holder.

Pressure gauge

Boiler pressure gauge.
Pump pressure gauge.

Steam and water valves

Commercial grade rotary steam and water taps with soft-close function.

Steam wand

Ball joint connection and two steam holes. Cool-touch with ball joint connection and two steam holes. Cool-touch delivers more steam power into the milk while making the wand.


Italian 15 Bar ULKA vibration pump.


Low water cut-out microswitch + Boiler thermal cutout + commercially rated boiler overpressure relief valve.

Boiler temperature control

GICAR PID Controller +/- 1 degree celcius

Element - Power requirements

700w + 700w (espresso brew boiler) // 1400w (steam boiler) // 220-240v 50Hz.

Water supply

3.0 litre water tank removable.


341mm wide x 420mm deep x 457mm high - 25.0 kg. 

Made in



BFC Junior Extra Double Boiler [BFC_JNR_EXTRA_TCI].

Additional Features




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